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Topstak Chimneys – Top Chimney Providers

Whether you’re looking to build a new chimney during construction, or you’d like to add a chimney to an existing building. Topstak can offer you professional advice, alongside the product that’s right for you. From chimneys for woodburners to chimneys for open fires, here at Topstak, we stock a variety of chimney types and styles. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’d recommend contacting our team of Topstak chimney experts who are always on call to answer your queries.

Installing a New Chimney

At Topstak we recognise the economical appeal of installing a chimney into your current home or during the construction of a new property. That’s why we stock a selection of high-quality systems, designed to suit both traditional and modern interiors. With a list of premier stockists including Schiedel Rite Vent, Isokern and Hanson Red Bank, your new chimney is guaranteed to be of high quality and fit seamlessly into your home.

Relining an Old Chimney

While your current chimney may look fine from the outside, at Topstak, we understand the importance of performing maintenance and regular checks on your chimney to ensure it is safe to use. As chimneys age it is common to find that hot smoke, tar and acid have eroded the inside of your chimney’s walls and joints, which can cause dangerous fumes to escape into your property. However, our team of Topstak chimney experts are on hand to recommend the most appropriate repairs for your chimney and supply you with a choice of replacement systems and relining options. With Topstak, your chimney will be safe to use in no time.

Call our experts today to discuss relining options further.

Keeping your chimney clean

Whilst we would always recommend using a registered Chimney Sweep, you can also become your very own chimney sweep with our range of Topstak chimney accessories. Here to not only install your chimney, but help you maintain it once it’s been fitted, we provide a variety of chimney sweeping tools to keep your chimney clean and functioning at an optimum level. Ideal for lined and twin-walled chimneys, our flexible liner rods and brushes will help navigate and clean your chimney system with ease.

Browse our selection of chimney accessories.

Topstak’s Chimney Specialists

With over 35 years of experience designing chimney installations, at Topstak we can offer you more than just a great range of chimneys to choose from. As each chimney installation is completely unique, Topstak provides a Technical Information Service for every purchase made, which will include a detailed layout drawing of your specific chimney order. As a HETAS registered team, it is our responsibility to provide you with a professional service and make the process of purchasing a new chimney straightforward and stress free.

For advice from our team of specialists, contact us now!