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What are Chimney Cowls?

With so many types of chimney cowl available including rotating cowls and anti-downdraft cowls, Topstak are here to make sure you choose the right cowl for your chimney. Chimney cowls are usually metal cages attached to the top of your chimney to help stop rain, animals and excess smoke coming down your chimney and into your home. Made from stainless steel with a powder coating, our secure and durable chimney cowls have been designed to last for years to come.

Topstak stocks a selection of chimney cowls with varying designs and purposes. For more information or guidance on choosing the right chimney cowl for you, contact our team of experts.

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Types of Chimney Cowls

If you are struggling with smoke blowing back into your home, or rain entering through your chimney, it may be because you don’t have the correct chimney cowl installed.

To keep your home smoke and odour free, Topstak would recommend an anti-downdraft cowl be fitted to the outside of your chimney. This design of chimney cowl will help to stop smoke blowing back into your home, and therefore keep your space free from unpleasant odours and potentially dangerous fumes. An anti-downdraft cowl also stops drafts from blowing down your chimney, helping keep your home warm and comfortable. However, as there may be other causes of downdraught, at Topstak we have the knowledge and experience to offer the right advice on how to solve this, alongside the correct cowls for the top of your chimney.

If you have a recurring problem with birds nesting in your chimney or other small animals getting themselves stuck, a Eurocowl Topguard II is the chimney cowl for you. Understanding the nuisance that can come with birds nesting in your chimney, Topstak stocks a selection of chimney cowls which have been specifically designed to protect your chimney from birds.

Whatever the purpose, Topstak can supply a suitable chimney cowl.

Capping for Chimneys

If a chimney that you no longer use is producing a draft in your home, it may be time to use a chimney cap to close it off. Topstak’s range of chimney c-caps work to protect your home from the outside elements by sealing your chimney from the top. This will stop wind, rain, leaves, insects and animals from entering your unused chimney and your home.

Available in a range of sizes, shop our chimney capping products.