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Timeless Esse Stoves

Having made their first stove in 1854, their mission remains the same: to create the cleanest burning and highest quality stoves available. Having recently built the Esse 175, their cleanest wood-burning stove yet, Esse continues to work towards a more sustainable stove future. Each Esse traditional stove has been designed with elements of the historic past and features of the modern present, creating Esse stoves that are timeless in design and function.

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Esse Stove Features

All ESSE stoves offer a clear, unimpeded view of the flames within and Afterburn™ technology keeps the glass clear while maximising energy efficiency.

They continue to innovate with the introduction of versatile new products which reflect a commitment to the environment and high-quality British product design and performance.

With wood-fired stoves that surpass the strictest air quality emissions and efficiency standards without compromising on burn rate control and adjustability and are approved for use in smoke control zones.

An ESSE stove creates a focal point at the heart of the home filling the entire space with radiant, welcoming warmth.

  • They are available with top or rear flue fittings and a choice of 300mm tall log store if you would like it to sit higher.
  • Any stove with a heat output of over 5kW is recommended to be fit with an external air kit.
  • Automatic electric ignition technology is an option on most models. No need for lighters, matches or kindling.
  • All stoves have a 5”/127mm flue pipe fitting apart from the large 700 stove and our inset styles which have a 6”/152mm fitting.
  • Contemporary or traditional classic cast iron stoves

Esse multifuel stove range

With integrated clean burning performance, Esse’s multifuel stoves provide optimal heat with minimal pollution. You can choose from traditionally rustic designs and modern sleek lines, as Esse have created a huge selection of multifuel stoves, displaying their expertise and progression. Whether you want one of Esse’s traditional stoves for your country cottage or one of their Scandinavian inspired stoves for your modern townhouse, Esse’s stoves have been designed to complement varying interior styles.

Explore Esse’s multifuel stoves.

Esse gas and flueless gas stoves range

Whether you have a chimney or not, Esse has a gas stove for you. While most require a chimney and a flue, Esse produce innovative flueless gas stoves, allowing you to place your gas stove anywhere in your home. Using innovative technology, they s are also able to effectively replicate the flickering flames of real log burning fires.

Take a look at Esse’s range of gas stoves.

Esse electric stoves

Modern in function and design, Esse’s electric stove, the Esse Vector, takes on a striking cylindrical form. Designed to meet the needs of a busy modern household, this Esse stove can be easily moved and incorporated into any room. Requiring no installation, Esse’s electric stove provides instant heat, with a maximum heat output of 2kW.

Shop the Esse Vector.

Esse Stove User Manuals, Instructions and Guides

Esse Stove User Manuals PDF Manual Links
Esse Ironheart Models EW & EWB Wood Fired Cooking Stove Manual esse-ironheart-ew-ewb-user-manual.pdf
Esse Ironheart Stove Manual esse-ironheart-user-manual.pdf
Esse 1 Stove Manual esse-1-user-manual.pdf
Esse 100KC Stove Manual esse-100kc-user-manual.pdf
Esse 100 MF SE Stove Manual esse-100-mf-se-user-manual.pdf
Esse MF125 Stove Manual esse-mf125-user-manual.pdf
Esse 200XK, 200XK DD & 225XK Stove Manual esse-200xk-200xkdd-225xk-user-manual.pdf
Esse 301 & 350 SE Stove Manual esse-inset-301-350-se.pdf
Esse 500 Vista, 525 & 550 Stove Manual esse-550-525-500-user-manual.pdf
Esse 700-SE Multi-Fuel & Smoke Exempt Wood Burning Stove Manual esse-700-SE-user-manual.pdf
Esse Solo Stove Manual esse-solo-user-manual.pdf
Esse 105 / 100 / DD / 200 / 200DD stove dimensions Esse 125 / 225 stove dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model 105/100/DD/200/200DD - dimensions / schematic Esse woodburning stove - model 125/225 - dimensions / schematic
Esse 155 / 150 / 250 stove dimensions Esse 175 F/B stove dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model 155/150/250 - dimensions / schematic Esse woodburning stove - model 175F/B - dimensions / schematic
Esse 301 / 350 stove dimensions Esse 500 stove dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model 301/350 - dimensions / schematic Esse woodburning stove - model 500 - dimensions / schematic
Esse 525 stove dimensions Esse 550 stove dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model 525 - dimensions / schematic Esse woodburning stove - model 500/550 - dimensions / schematic
Esse 700 stove dimensions Esse 1 dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model 700 - dimensions / schematic Esse 1 woodburning stove - dimensions / schematic
Esse Bakeheart dimensions Esse Warmheart dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model Bakeheart - dimensions / schematic Esse woodburning stove - model Warmheart - dimensions / schematic
Esse Ironheart dimensions
Esse woodburning stove - model Ironheart - dimensions / schematic