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Buy logs and firewood in South Wales

Topstak are one of the key suppliers of firewood in South Wales. With kiln dried, seasoned and unseasoned firewood, Topstak can provide you firewood in every form. Committed to stocking firewood that has been sustainably sourced and efficiently prepared, all of our firewood products have been approved by the Woodsure assurance scheme which works to guarantee the quality of your firewood products.

We Recommend Kiln Dried Firewood

If you want firewood that you can use straight away, our kiln dried firewood is the best option for you. From collecting the logs to testing their moisture content, we work to guarantee our kiln dried firewood burns cleanly with a maximum heat output.

But don’t just trust us, trust the Woodsure assurance scheme which has awarded our kiln dried firewood a ‘Ready to Burn’ stamp of approval.

Available in our Handy Sized Bags or as a Tipper Load of logs, Topstak can supply as many kiln dried logs as you need. Our Handy Sized Bags contain logs that have been cut at 25cm, which is the length recommended by stove manufacturers to ensure your wood can fit in to 99% of woodburning appliances.

Take a look at our kiln dried firewood products.

Topstak’s Seasoned Firewood

Our seasoned firewood is a mix of high quality and freshly cut Ash, Beech and Birch and is left to dry out in our purpose-built storage buildings. Handled with care and stored efficiently, our process of creating seasoned firewood offers you a different way of achieving that perfect burn.

Once delivered, we recommend storing your seasoned wood in one of our Topstak outdoor logstores, providing you with a dry and secure place to keep your firewood. Remember, dry and seasoned wood makes for a clean and efficient burn.

Find out more about seasoned firewood and buy logs online at Topstak.

Unseasoned Firewood for Storage

Be prepared for next winter by stocking up on unseasoned firewood today. Our unseasoned firewood is freshly cut and delivered ready to be put into storage to begin the seasoning process. While this wood is not delivered ready to burn, our unseasoned firewood is the most economical method of buying your firewood, and always recommended by Topstak if you’re looking to stock up with logs for the following year. Our unseasoned firewood should be stored in an outdoor logstore and covered by one of our rain shields. Doing so will protect the logs from moisture and encourage the seasoning process to continue.

Buy our unseasoned firewood in bulk Tipper Loads.

Log Delivery in South Wales

We supply fast and efficient log delivery throughout South Wales. Each of our firewood fuel types can be delivered straight to your door by the tipper load. By ordering a tipper load of logs, whether they’re seasoned, unseasoned or kiln dried, you can avoid the hassle of reordering firewood for use throughout the year. However, if you don’t have the storage capacity for a tipper load of logs, we also supply bulk bags of seasoned and kiln dried firewood, ready for delivery.

For firewood logs in Cardiff and throughout South Wales, Topstak has you covered, with our professional firewood delivery service. Start by choosing between our seasoned, unseasoned and kiln dried firewood, before getting in touch to arrange the delivery of your logs.