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Neptune’s Henley kitchen has been designed to balance minimalist style with traditional details. Depending on the choices you make regarding colours, cabinetry, handles and work surfaces, you have the opportunity to customise your kitchen to suit you.

Versatile in design, the Henley kitchen has the ability to suit varying interiors, from classic manors to contemporary townhouses. Whether you want industrial elements or simple hardware, Neptune’s Henley kitchen can effortlessly adapt to your preferences.

What makes a Henley kitchen different?

Neptune have designed the Henley kitchen to be truly unique, from the very material the cabinets are made from to the functional features inside the cupboards.

As the only Neptune kitchen that uses North American oak, the Henley kitchen allows you to choose between having an exposed oak finish, painted cabinetry or a balance of both, combining the rustic with the contemporary.

In terms of features, the Henley kitchen utilises space with hidden drawers and a pull out larder, which includes multiple layers of shelving. Embracing the opportunities for extra storage, Neptune have created a kitchen around every day, modern households and their persistent need for convenience. Within the drawers and cabinets, you may notice black and bronze details which are unique to the Henley kitchen, giving it an industrial character and style.

For more information about Neptune’s Henley kitchens, contact Topstak.

How is a Henley kitchen created?

Before your Neptune Henley kitchen starts being made, we’ll begin with a consultation, where you’ll discuss every detail of your new kitchen with one of our specialist designers, from dimensions and functional features to your personal style and design preferences.

Once the initial consultation has been completed, your designer will begin to assess your space and put together layout drawings with lifelike visuals

To begin designing your Henley kitchen, get in touch with Topstak to arrange your consultation.