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Topstak’s Green Firewood

Be prepared for next winter with Topstak’s unseasoned firewood. Freshly cut and sourced, our green firewood is delivered ready to be put into storage. With a mix of Ash, Beech and Birch our selection of unseasoned firewood will arrive green and will need to be seasoned before use.

Contact our team of experts to find out how you can season your own firewood.

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Why you Should Buy Unseasoned Firewood

If you want freshly cut logs, you won’t get fresher than the Topstak unseasoned firewood. Delivered green and full of moisture, our unseasoned firewood is a great option for anyone looking to put wood into storage for the following year.

While green firewood isn’t suitable for immediate burning, it is the most environmentally friendly way of eventually achieving that perfect burn. By buying and seasoning the wood yourself, you can be confident your wood will season completely naturally, without the interference of manual processes which could harm the surrounding environment.

If you want firewood that is both economical and ready to be stored for next year, green firewood is the right option for you.

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Buying, Storing and Seasoning your Firewood

At Topstak, we would recommend you store your green firewood for at least 12 months to prepare it for burning.

Your unseasoned wood should be stacked and stored in a dry location to ensure as much moisture as possible is removed from the wood. If you want to check whether your green firewood is ready for use, simply check the weight of the logs. If they feel light and hollow, the logs should have little moisture left in them and be ready to burn on your stove.

For more information, contact our team at Topstak.

Delivery Options for Unseasoned Firewood

Our Topstak green firewood is delivered by the Tipper Load across South Wales. Choose between a 10” Tipper Load and a 14” Tipper Load to stock up on unseasoned firewood ready for next year.

Find out more about our delivery process.