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Outdoor Garden Firepits

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Topstak believes that outdoor firepits have the ability to bring both warmth and elegance into any garden space. That’s why we stock a vast selection of UK made firepit designs including Plain Jane, Saturn and Celeste Firepits.

Each firepit we stock can be used with a variety of our outdoor firepit and barbecue accessories including our Double Burger Grill and our Cast Iron Griddle.

With Topstak’s garden firepit accessories, you can choose whether you spend your evening cooking up a couple of barbecue dishes or relaxing next to the flames.

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Our firepit bestseller

At Topstak, we are proud to present the Celeste Firepit as our bestselling outdoor firepit. Made from 3mm of steel and measuring approximately 40cm tall, this low standing firepit is great for an evening of roasting marshmallows around the fire. To partner with our bestselling garden firepit, we also stock a Half Moon BBQ Rack and Cooking Tripod Rack, to transform your Celeste firepit into a versatile heater barbecue.

Check out our Celeste Firepit here.

Plain Jane firepits

Plain Jane Firepits are manufactured and produced in the UK from high quality materials to create a range of beautifully simple fire bowls. Available in five diameter sizes ranging from 60cm to 120cm, each bowl will arrive black and gradually oxidise over time to turn a deep autumnal shade. Despite what their name suggests, each Plain Jane Firepit has the option to be customised, as the decorative band that lines the top of the bowl can come in either a Mosaic, Indian or Feather design.

Take a look at our selection of Plain Jane Firepits.

Pete’s Oven firepit

With a classic fire bowl on top and a hidden oven on the side, Pete’s Oven Firepit can provide you with both warmth and a plate of hot food. Manufactured from 3-4mm of high-quality mild steel, Pete’s Oven Firepit has been designed with functionality in mind, as it’s swing arm can be removed for simultaneous cooking possibilities. At Topstak, Pete’s Oven Firepit also comes with a pizza stone, pizza cutter and flat tabletop lid, aptly preparing you for a night of freshly cooked pizza by the fire.

Shop Pete’s Oven Firepit.