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Specialised Chimney Sweeping Equipment

At Topstak, our chimney sweeping equipment has all been made and manufactured in Britain by Rodstation. From chimney brushes in a range of diameters to flexible chimney liner rods for use in lined and twin-walled chimney systems, we stock everything you need to clean chimneys and leave it free of soot and deposits. Whether you require guidance on unblocking a chimney or require bird nest removal tools, our team of experts are here to advise on which products will best match the needs of your chimney.

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How to clean your chimney

Before you begin sweeping your chimney, it’s important you protect any surrounding furnishings with one of our sweeping sheets. This will ensure your home doesn’t become covered in soot and make cleaning up once you’re done much faster and easier. Once you’ve protected your surroundings, you’ll want to attach your sweeping brush to the first sweeping rod and begin to push the brush and rod up the chimney. As you slowly push your brush higher up the chimney, you’ll need to attach more rods, ensuring you always have control over your chimney sweeping equipment. After you have reached the top of the chimney, you can start to pull the rods and brush back down, removing the rods as you go. You can then repeat this process if you think your chimney still has soot that needs removing.

For more advice on how to clean your chimney, contact Topstak.

Why you need to sweep your chimney

If you’ve noticed your fire is no longer burning as efficiently as it used to, it may be time to clean your chimney. With regular burning, your chimney can quickly become blocked with soot or creosote, which can increase your risk of a chimney fire. Not only that, if your chimney becomes lined with soot, it can cause inefficient air flow and impact the running of your stove. That’s why, to guarantee safety and efficiency, your chimney needs to be maintained regularly by sweeping with high quality chimney brushes which can be carried out by contacting your local chimney sweep.

Choosing your chimney sweeping equipment

With so many chimney brushes, chimney rods and chimney sweeping kits available, it can be difficult to know what chimney sweeping equipment is needed. To choose a chimney brush, you should measure the diameter of your chimney and select a brush that is at least as big as your chimney liner. Remember it is important to effectively rub against the sides of your chimney, so you won’t want to purchase a brush smaller than your liner.

At Topstak, we stock a range of chimney brushes with a protective ball top from 5” to 10”, allowing you to choose a chimney brush that will most effectively clean the chimney. You can buy chimney sweeping equipment separately or as part of our handy power sweeping equipment kits.

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