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Fireplace Hearth Solutions

The UK Building Regulations state that every woodburning or solid fuel stove installed in the country needs to be fitted onto a suitable fireplace hearth of appropriate size and thickness, extending far enough in front and on either side of the stove.

Whether you need a hearth for fireplace or a hearth for woodburner, here at Topstak we offer solutions made to order to ensure each hearth is perfectly matched to your individual requirements.

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Fireplace hearth regulations

There are two types of hearths required for a woodburning or multi-fuel appliance, a Constructional heart and a Superimposed hearth, depending on the amount of heat projected below the appliance and the situation into which it is installed. At Topstak we have the experts available to give the correct advice on the type and thicknesses of hearth required for any situation.

In a freestanding stove installation not inside a fireplace recess, combustible materials underneath and around a stove or fireplace need to be protected from any embers or burning fuel debris that may fall out of the appliance and also the heat generated from the appliance, by a suitable non-combustible fireplace hearth. As well as meeting the required specifications, a hearth needs to clearly indicate the areas where combustible materials such as carpets must not placed. This can be designated a simple change in level or a change in material.

What’s more, every hearth for a woodburning, multi-fuel stove or fireplace must be made from a robust non-combustible material capable of preventing the combustion of any surrounding fabrics and furnishings. Fireplace heaths need to be appropriate for the temperature they’d be expected to withstand in order to limit potential property damages and the risk of accidental injury.

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