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If your hot tub is no longer running efficiently or you’ve noticed a build-up of debris, it may be that you need a new hot tub part to fully restore your spa. Whether you need a replacement hot tub pump or a filter to clean your water, we supply a selection of hot tub parts to meet all your spa’s requirements.

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Hot Tub Pumps

At Topstak, we supply a selection of hot tub pumps which are suitable for use with our Arctic Spa hot tubs. While your spa will come included with a pump installed, in the event that your pump needs replacing, we have a selection of single speed and dual speed hot tub pumps to choose from. A single speed hot tub pump operates at a constant high speed, whereas a dual speed pump can run at a high or low speed. The low speed option featured in a dual speed pump provides you with a more efficient and cost-effective way of running your spa when not in use. To find out which hot tub part is most suitable for your spa, get in touch with our team at Topstak.

Filters and Chemicals

The first step to keeping your hot tub clean is installing a hot tub filter. Once fitted, a hot tub filter will act as a sieve, trapping any bacteria or debris that would otherwise pollute your spa’s water. To guarantee the cleanliness and safety of your hot tub, we also recommend you use a selection of hot tub chemicals. By first testing the water with one of our test strips, you can determine which chemicals you need to create a healthy and balanced chemical level in your hot tub water.

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