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Hot Tub Installation Advice

With over 10 years of experience in the Hot Tubs and Spas industry, our team at Topstak are dedicated to providing you with expert knowledge and advice. Whether you need general guidance or have a specific query, Topstak have the knowledge and experience needed to answer any questions regarding your hot tub installation.

To find out more, contact our team or have a look at our Hot Tub FAQs page for further hot tub installation advice.

Installing your Hot Tub

From initial enquiry through to installation, Topstak are always on hand to provide guidance and advice. When having your hot tub installed, we will help assess the space you have available to decide how best to transport your hot tub into your garden or home. Where a crane is required, we can recommend a team of specialists who will manoeuvre your hot tub with the utmost care and precision.

Once you hot tub is in position, our team of Topstak experts will fill the tub, dispense the chemicals and run through the controls, so you can operate your hot tub with confidence. A chemical starter kit and filter will also be issued free of charge, to help you look after your new hot tub installation.

Please note that electrical connections will need to be carried out by a qualified electrician. If you are uncertain who to contact, we would be happy to recommend a trusted team of technicians.

For more hot tub installation advice, call Topstak.

Preparing for your Hot Tub Installation

Before your hot tub is installed by our Topstak team of experts, you’ll want to make sure the space you have selected is suitable. As well as measuring the designated space, you’ll want to prepare the area as best you can. While Arctic Spa hot tubs come with a Forever Floor, most hot tubs on the market will require a 6” poured concrete pad to act as a base and support the weight of the hot tub. At Topstak, the only hot tubs that require a concrete base to be laid are the Summit XL, All Weather Pools and our Scandinavian range of Spas.

Prior to installation, double check which brand and design of hot tub you have selected, or contact our team to find out how you need to prepare for your upcoming hot tub installation.