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Impressive Jotul Stoves

With the longest warranty on the market, at 25 years, Jotul take pride in the quality and longevity of their cast iron stoves. Using this traditional raw material, Jotul have created a selection of woodburning, multifuel and gas stoves. From intricately designed traditional stoves to minimalistic modern stoves, Jotul manufactures stoves to suit various homes and interior styles. Whether you have a sleek city flat or rural barn conversion, Jotul have designed a stove to suit you and your home.

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Jotul Traditional Stoves

Jotul’s traditional stoves have been heavily influenced by the shape and decorative features seen on classic Norwegian stoves. By utilising traditional pattern work in the cast-iron exterior of each stove, Jotul have implemented historic and cultural techniques to design and shape their collection of traditional stoves. Whether you want a wood burning stove or a gas fired stove, Jotul have created a selection of traditional stoves in both fuel type.

For a Jotul traditional stove with arched window details and elegantly curved legs, take a look at the Jotul F3, Jotul F500 and Jotul GF400.

Jotul Contemporary Stoves

Jotul’s range of contemporary stoves combine function and design to create centrepiece stoves. From freestanding stoves with multiple windows to inset stoves with large frames, Jotul have used their expertise and knowledge to create new and uniquely styled contemporary  stoves. Often modern and futuristic at the same time, each of Jotul’s contemporary stoves are guaranteed to become the focal point of any room.

Explore Jotul’s contemporary stoves.

Choosing a Jotul Stove

With stoves of such varying style, it is likely you’ll find yourself drawn to the rustic charm of Jotul’s traditional stoves or the bold features of their modern stoves. Yet, while you may have a style preference, you may not know which size stove you need to effectively heat your home. Our stove selector has been designed to consider the fuel type you want to use, the brands you prefer and the space that you have available.

To find out which Jotul stove will best suit your home, take a look at our stove selector.