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Modern Scan Stoves

Since being founded in 1978, Scan Stoves have focused on creating the best woodburning stoves on the market. Hoping to create the perfect flame enclosed within a thoughtfully designed stove, Scan look beyond the basic need for warmth in an attempt to heighten the design and function of their stoves. Always looking to create something new, the designers and manufacturers at Scan utilise clean lines to make new and modern styles of wood burning stove. Scan stoves are believed to be more than just heating appliances and instead take the form of innovative pieces of furniture.

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Scan Freestanding stoves

From simple rectangular freestanding stoves to truly unique curved designs, Scan’s modern stoves bring both familiarity and exceptionality. For a Scan stove that will complement any interior design, we’d recommend the Scan 65 freestanding stove. Tall and slim, the clean lines and long window of this Scan modern stove allows for a perfect view into the fire. Yet, for a stove that also works as a sculptural piece of furniture, we’d look to the Scan 66 Series with its multiple stand options and rounded frame. Able to be hung on the wall or freestanding on a curved base, the Scan 66 Series has the potential to transform your home’s style into one that is sophisticated and elegant.

Scan Inset and Wall-mounted stoves

For a wall mounted or inset stove that is sleek in design and innovative in function, we’d recommend Scan’s modern stoves. With the option to choose how many window panels you want your stove to have, the Scan 5002, Scan 5003 and Scan 5004 are able to provide an unbeatable view of the fire inside.

Take a look at our range of Scan inset stoves.

Our Stove Selector

If you need help choosing which Scan stove to purchase, you can use our stove selector. Simply fill out the attached form and our stove selector will recommend the Scan stove that will most efficiently heat your home.

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