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Topstak’s Ceiling Hung Fires

Ceiling hung fires are the perfect solution if you’re looking to add that wow factor into your home. Suspended from the ground and separated from the wall, your ceiling hung fire is sure to become an eye-catching feature fireplace. Whether it’s placed snuggly in the corner or installed directly in the centre of the room, your suspended stove will add style and elegance wherever it’s fitted.

Stocking a selection of experienced manufacturers, Topstak are here to provide you with advice and guidance about all suspended stove products.

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Benefits of a Ceiling Hung Stove

Suspended stoves are one of the most heat efficient forms of stove on the market. As they are hung from the ceiling and have no wall connections, suspended stoves have the ability to emit heat in every direction. Through this 360 radiation, ceiling hung stoves are able to produce an optimum amount of heat, effectively warming the entire room.

The obvious stylish characteristics of these central fireplaces are just a bonus, as the real focus point lies in their unbeatable heat output ability.

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Woodfired Suspended Stoves

Woodfired suspended stoves are the most popular form of ceiling hung fire on the market, which is why Topstak stocks a huge range of reputable manufacturers, giving you plenty of products to explore. Whether you want an industrial and rustic stove that adds a sense of rural charm to your home, or a sleek and contemporary fire that will complement your modern interior, Topstak stocks a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

For a more industrial appearance, Topstak would recommend the Harrie Leenders Wald stove. Angularly engineered, the character of this stove is completely unique. But it’s not all about the design, as this stove has the ability to rotate in any direction, giving you a view of your woodburning fire from wherever you are in the room.

However, for that classic sleek design, look to Focus. Focus were the first to create a suspended stove and now manufacture a wide selection of timeless designs. If you want a ceiling hung fire with smooth curves and sharp lines, Focus have multiple products available, including the iconic Gyrofocus, the Agrofocus 630, Bathyscafocus and Domofocus. While all these woodfired stoves are stocked at Topstak, some are also available in gas, expanding your choice of suspended stove even further.

Use our Topstak stove selector tool to help you pick the ceiling hung fire for you.