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Effortless Electric Stoves

Traditional in design, yet modern in function, Topstak’s electric stoves are able to provide instant heat at the push of a button. Without the design, function and installation demands of a fuel burning stove, electric stoves are the hassle-free way to heat your home. With an electric fire, you are free to move your stove to the room that needs it most and choose between a selection of heat settings, personalising the way your home is heated. At Topstak, we can provide you and your home with immediate heat.

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Benefits of Electric Fires

With one of our electric stoves, you can have the charm of a traditional woodburning stove, without the hassle of loading the fuel. Electric fires provide instant heat and only require the source of a plug socket to work. With no additional flues or chimneys, an electric fireplace can be placed anywhere in your home, providing heat wherever it’s needed most. Thanks to this simple design, electric stoves are not only versatile, but easy to install, meaning there are little to no extra costs for installation.

Where safety is a common concern with fuel burning stoves, electric stoves are considered to be one of the safest forms of stove on the market. Without fuel, there are no risks related to dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, escaping into your home.

Maintaining an Electric Fireplace

As an electric stove requires no fuel, no chimney and no flue, maintenance couldn’t be easier. With no need for ventilation, and no fuel levels to uphold, an electric fire is the easiest form of stove to maintain. All you’ll need to do is occasionally change the stove’s lightbulb and clean the fan.

For advice on maintaining your electric stove, contact Topstak.

Electric Stove Styles and Brands

With such a huge selection of electric fireplaces available, you can choose between a more traditional stove appearance and a sleek modern design.

For a traditional cast iron or steel stove, we’d recommend either the Dovre 280 Electric or the Gazco Stockton Electric. Both Dovre and Gazco use unique VeriFlame™ technology which allows you to adjust the heat settings and flame intensity to generate an authentic woodburning stove experience.

However, if you’re after a sleek and sophisticated electric stove, take a look at the uniquely designed ESSE Vector. Cylindrical in shape, this electric stove has been designed to meet the needs of any modern household, as its portable nature allows it to be moved around the house with ease.

Use our stove selector to choose the electric stove for you.