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All ESSE range cooker models share the brand’s signature timeless elegance and masterful engineering, evident in every detail, starting with the hand-built cast iron doors. You can choose from an assortment of electrical ESSE range cookers and ESSE woodburning range cookers, each imbued with its own style and character.

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The history of the ESSE range cooker

The first ESSE range cooker was created in the distant 1854 as the highest quality, cleanest-burning specimen of its kind to date. Since then, ESSE electric and woodburning range cookers have spearheaded cooking and heating innovation across Britain.

Over the years, the ESSE range cooker has been put to the test in demanding environments across the globe, including royal residences, Scottish bothys, and even the Savoy. To this day, the locally built electric and woodburning range cookers are renowned as some of the most efficient and cleanest-burning on the market.

The electric ESSE range cooker collection

Each electric ESSE range cooker in our collection boasts the company’s trademark impeccable engineering and classic style, along with individual details which give each model its own charisma. Designed to offer the best of both worlds, this type of ESSE range cooker combines the solidity of cast iron with the flexibility of an electric cooker.

The electric ESSE range cooker collection features a selection of different sized models to suit any space and style kitchen. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy a variety of features, including two large ovens you can control independently, as well as a slow cooking oven and an integrated grill.

On top of that, you can cook up a storm using the flat hob top by firing the large induction hob for instant boiling and demonstrating your griddle cooking prowess on the cast iron hotplate. Whatever meal you’re preparing, and however many people you have arriving for dinner, the evening is guaranteed to be a success with an electric RSSE range cooker.

Ironheart – the ESSE woodburning range cooker collection

The iconic Ironheart line packs all of ESSE’s cooking and heating expertise into a woodburning range cooker. The collection features models ideal for country cottages, log cabins and rustic kitchens alike.

Combining traditional stove with ESSE range cooker functionalities, the Ironheart woodburning range cooker models beautifully combine heating and cooking into one focal piece for your kitchen.

Unlike other ESSE range cooker models which are designed to contain the heat, each Ironheart woodburning range cooker is designed to also radiate heat into the room, much like a classic woodburning stove.

The woodburning range cooker firebox is compatible with both wood and smokeless coal (dependant on the model), allowing you greater flexibility when choosing fuel. Either way, the large clear glass window offers a breath-taking view of the flames as they flicker inside.

As well as cooking directly into the firebox, you can prepare each dish using the large oven and spacious hotplate built into every ESSE woodburning range cooker. Designed to bring out your creativity in the kitchen, the Ironheart is the mealtime partner you’ve always wanted.