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Award-winning Focus Fireplaces

The first focus fireplace, the Antefocus, was created back in 1967, and began the development of Focus as a brand who combines the function of stoves with artistic structures. Unlike any other stove on the market, the Antefocus was the first turning, suspended fireplace, accentuating the modern capabilities of traditional stoves. Since then, Focus has continued to push the boundaries of open fireplaces and closed stoves to create appliances that are revolutionary in design and function.

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Sculptural Focus fireplaces

From wall mounted stoves with ripped steel, to suspended fireplaces with smooth curves, every Focus fireplace has been artistically designed and expertly handcrafted.

For a 360-degree view of the wood burning fire, Focus has created the Filiofocus Central and Meijifocus stove, so that you can watch your fire’s flames from anywhere in the room. Or, if you want to tuck your fireplace away when it’s not being used, Focus have created the Metafocus 9, which has bronze doors to effectively transform your wall mounted stove into a hung piece of art. Not forgetting to mention the iconic Gyrofocus, which is now also available in gas.

Visible or hidden, bold or subtle, every Focus fireplace has been designed to add artistic flare into your home.

Focus Fuel Types

From sculptural wood burning stoves to artistic gas appliances, Focus are committed to combining elegance with ease. Having originally started with creating wood fired stoves, Focus recently recognised the simplicity of gas stoves, and decided to utilise their unique designs to create closed, gas stoves. Each of their gas fires feature their state-of-the-art combustion system, allowing them to simulate the appearance of a real wood fire.

Whether you want the traditional essence of a woodburning stove or the modern convenience of a gas stove, Focus have a unique range of eccentrically designed fireplaces to explore.

Choosing a Focus stove

As every Focus stove has its own unique style, it may seem impossible to choose just one to elevate the design of your home. Luckily, our Topstak stove selector has been designed to select the Focus stove that will best suit your home’s requirements.

Use our stove selector.