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Seasoned Firewood and Storage for Every Home

At Topstak, choosing the right fuel for your heating appliance has never been easier. With a range of fuel types including seasoned firewood, kiln dried firewood and even smokeless coal, we can help you find the right fuel for your home. By only sourcing locally cut Ash, Beech and Birch, we can proudly guarantee the quality of our firewood and provide you with compact and durable storage options to keep your wood dry all year round.

Woodsure Approved Firewood

Want firewood that is locally sourced and burns with optimum efficiency? At Topstak, all of our firewood products are supported by Woodsure, which is the UK’s first and only firewood quality assurance scheme. This means that our firewood is guaranteed to not only be high quality but sourced efficiently and responsibly by a professional woodland management team.

Seasoned or Unseasoned Firewood?

Whether you want ready to use firewood or logs to store until next year, Topstak offers a range of fuel types to suit your wood burning needs. If you’re after dried firewood that is ready to burn, we stock either seasoned or kiln dried firewood. Our seasoned firewood gets air dried in our purpose-built buildings, and our kiln dried firewood is dried using a heated kiln, both of which ensure your firewood is completely dried out when delivered. We do this as seasoned and dried wood burns cleaner than logs with a high moisture content, so your wood will produce better heat when burning.

However, if you’re in no rush to use your firewood straight away, Topstak also supplies unseasoned firewood which is ready to be put into storage for use next year. Your order will include a variety of freshly cut hardwoods including Ash, Beech and Birch.

If you’re not sure which fuel type is right for you, contact us today and we’ll help you select your firewood and arrange a delivery date to suit you.

Firewood Storage Options

With varying sizes and accessories to choose from, Topstak has you and your firewood covered. As each of our log stores are freestanding and built from treated timber and stainless steel, whichever storage solution you choose will provide safe and secure storage for your wood fuel.

Shop our range of storage options