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Topstak’s Logstores

Firewood storage for every occasion. Whether you’re looking to put logs into storage to season them for next year, or you have a pile of seasoned firewood ready to use, Topstak has a range of indoor and outdoor logstores available. Each made from high quality timber with stainless steel feet, our durable storage solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Once you know which size will best suit your needs, choose from our selection of freestanding and robustly constructed wooden logstores and optional rain shields.

Firewood storage for inside and outside your home

So, you’ve ordered a stack of our unseasoned firewood, but have nowhere appropriate you can store and season it to the right moisture content. At Topstak, we provide a variety of logstores, to keep your firewood secure, yet easily accessible.

To keep your firewood dry when being stored outside, we supply a selection of storage and rain shield solutions. Made from FSC approved treated timber, our wooden logstores are built to stock anywhere between 130 to 300 logs, depending on the storage size you choose.

However, if you intend to have a small selection of seasoned or kiln dried firewood kept indoors, we also provide small log holders. So, if you don’t want to brave the winter weather to retrieve your firewood, you can always keep your indoor holder stocked up with ready to burn logs.

Explore our indoor and outdoor firewood storage solutions.

Protecting your firewood logs from the weather

While our outdoor logstores are sure to keep your logs secure, if you want them to stay dry and ready to use, you will need a protective rain shield. Stocked in a range of sizes to fit all of our available storage options, a rain shield is a great solution to keep your logs dry. For easy access, simply roll up the rain shield and secure in place with the attached ties.

Take a look at our rain shields for logstores.

Splitting your logs

You don’t need to be an expert to split your logs, especially when Topstak provides a selection of tools for exactly that. The Topstak Wood Grenade Log Splitter is made from forged iron and is most effective when used with a sledgehammer or splitting maul. Whereas our Topstak Smart Log Splitter is easy to operate and able to split logs up to 55cm long. Whichever log splitter you choose, both are designed to help you source your logs and prepare them for the fire quickly and efficiently.

Shop our log splitters here.