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We stock a selection of hot tub accessories, to make your at home spa experience completely stress free.

To complement our extensive range of Novitek & TubTub hot tubs, we supply a variety of hot tub accessories including steps, storage, covers and cover lifters, each with the purpose of enhancing your hot tub experience.

From keeping the water clean, to providing you with easy access, our range of Topstak hot tub accessories will complete the set-up of your hot tub.

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Hot Tub Steps

Step into your Arctic Spa hot tub with ease with our Topstak range of cedar steps. Ranging from 2-tier to 4-tier, our selection of cedar steps will allow you to get in and out of your hot tub safely. As cedar is naturally resistant to decay and rot, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the quality of your cedar hot tub steps. However, if you would like to add that extra layer of protection, Topstak also stocks a cedar stain designed for use on all of our cedar hot tub accessories.

Hot Tub Covers and Cover Lifters

Once you have your Arctic Spa hot tub, you’ll want to keep it clean, safe and running efficiently. A hot tub cover will not only act as a barrier against debris, leaves and insects, but keep any small children safe from falling in, making a hot tub cover essential for both cleanliness and safety. As hot tubs are designed to maintain a consistent water temperature, your cover will also help lock in the heat, which will improve the efficiency and running costs of your hot tub.

At Topstak, we realise that hot tub covers can be heavy and difficult to lift, which is why we stock a selection of cover lifters to allow you to lift your cover effortlessly and quickly. As a lifter allows your cover to stay off the ground, a cover lifter will also prolong the life of your hot tub cover by protecting it from general wear and tear.

Find the right cover and cover lifter for your hot tub.

Hot Tub Chemicals and Dispensers

Topstak stocks a variety of cleaning accessories for hot tubs, including floating dispensers and chemical granules & tablets. To keep your hot tub free from harmful bacteria and maintain a healthy pH balance, we would recommend using our hot tub test strips to help you keep track of your hot tub’s chemical balance. To begin treating your hot tub, use our Topstak floating dispensers (dependant on the model supplied) by simply placing your selected tablets inside the dispenser and allowing it to float in your hot tub, until all the tablets have dissolved.

Take a look at our available filters and chemicals, or contact our team of advisors for further information and guidance.