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Topstak’s Kiln Dried Logs

Here at Topstak, we recognise the unbeatable benefits that come with burning kiln dried logs. Whether you want a small batch of firewood for immediate burning or you’re looking to stock up on logs for the coming year, we can offer kiln dried firewood to be delivered in our handy sized bags or by the tipper load. No matter how many kiln dried logs you need, Topstak has you covered.

Once you have received your kiln dried logs, we would recommend storing them in a secure and dry logstore, to ensure they remain suitable for immediate burning.

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How our Kiln Dried Firewood is Produced

At Topstak, we are committed to offering our customers products that aren’t just high quality, but more sustainable in the long run. That’s why we produce kiln dried firewood, which is the most efficient firewood on the market and is Woodsure ‘Ready To Burn’ approved.

Our kiln dried firewood is ethically sourced by sustainable woodland management teams, before being stored in our purpose built kilns. The kilns are set to a specific temperature and humidity to guarantee the moisture in the logs is reduced to below a 20% moisture level. Once dried out in our kiln, our logs are ready to be shipped in either handy sized bags, large sacks or by the tipper load across South Wales.

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Benefits of Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln dried logs are renowned for producing a maximum amount of heat and a minimal amount of pollutive elements. With no need to worry about seasoning, kiln dried logs are the perfect solution for immediate burning and are guaranteed to produce a clean burn with minimal smoke output. Where unseasoned logs may use a large amount of energy trying to remove the moisture in the wood, our kiln dried firewood can apply all their energy when burning into creating an optimum amount of heat. With no moisture to remove, our kiln dried firewood will produce little smoke, making for a clean and environmentally friendly burn.

If you want logs that can be burnt immediately and will burn efficiently, kiln dried logs are the right choice of firewood for you.

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