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AGA Electric Range Cookers

The most distinguishing feature of the cast-iron AGA electric range cooker is the radiant heat it uses to cook. This method helps preserve the moisture and flavour of your meals, guaranteeing delicious taste in every bite.

Designed with modern lifestyle in mind AGA cookers come in two different types, so you can make your kitchen work for you the way you see fit. The 24/7 Radiant Heat models will always be on and ready to cook, while the flexible Everyday Radiant Heat models can be switched on and off.

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Why choose AGA cookers?

Both functional and gorgeously designed, the AGA electric range cooker is the heart of every kitchen, and an indisputable favourite of homeowners from all over the world. From their first installation almost a century ago until present day, AGA cookers have remained synonymous with style, longevity and unrivalled performance.

Purchasing an AGA electric range cooker is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and design a kitchen with unique character. AGA cookers come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your décor. Plus, there are several fuel types options to choose from depending on your lifestyle and requirements.

The benefits of cast-iron AGA cookers

The AGA electric range cooker owes its legendary cooking performance to the unique properties of cast iron. Thanks to its ability to retain and evenly distribute heat, cast iron is considered a premium medium for cooking. As well as maintaining the texture and flavours of every food, cast iron is great at containing smells, enabling you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

Meanwhile, the patented burner at the heart of all AGA cookers provides unique temperature regulation by transferring pre-set levels heat to each section. Combined with the efficient heat retention of cast iron, this feature allows the AGA electric range cooker to create the optimal cooking conditions while ensuring minimal fuel consumption.

What’s inside an AGA electric range cooker?

 Each AGA electric range cooker has two main sections – its ovens and its cooktop – as well as the option to add extra features. The cast-iron ovens are the most distinctive part of the AGA cookers, famed for their ease of use and temperature regulation.

AGA electric range cooker ovens

Different models of the AGA electric range cooker include various combinations of a roasting oven, a baking oven and a slow cook oven. The roasting oven is a signature feature of the AGA cookers: it’s spacious and versatile, suitable for both grilling and baking.

The dedicated baking oven, meanwhile, is designed for the perfect heat retention, which makes it ideal for preparing delicious breads and cakes alike. If you choose an AGA electric range cooker model with a slow cook oven, you’d also be able to enjoy tender meats and sumptuous vegetables cooked luxuriously over the course of a whole day.

AGA electric range cooker top

The cooktop of all AGA cookers features the brand’s signature twin insulated covers. Providing gentle warmth when closed, the covers can be opened to reveal hot plates ready for action. The spacious boiling plate can contain several pots at once and heats up water at record speed, while the gentle simmering plate is perfect for frying ingredients or thickening sauces.

Add-ons for AGA cookers

Some AGA electric range cooker models allow you the option to add a hotcupboard, which includes a warming oven and a warming plate.  The oven section is perfect for keeping dishes warm without drying the food out, while the plate keeps your sauces and gravies from getting lukewarm and congealed. Hotcupboards are the star of multiple course meals, and can even be used to keep plates warm on their own.