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White Goods Kitchen Appliances

In partnership with AGA, Topstak supply a variety of white goods and appliances for the kitchen. From AGA fridge freezers to AGA cooker hoods, Topstak are proud to stock such a reputable brand of kitchen appliances. Dedicated to providing high quality, state of the art and long-lasting products, AGA’s range of kitchen appliances are guaranteed to improve the function of your kitchen, making for a better culinary experience.

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AGA Fridge Freezers

AGA have designed a range of fridge freezers with innovative technology, keeping your food fresh for longer.

The AGA DXD stainless steel fridge freezer is unparalleled in its energy efficiency. Working to maintain the quality of your food, this AGA fridge freezer utilises all space available to provide you with maximal storage options. With multiple door shelves, and accessible freezer drawers, the AGA DXD fridge freezer ticks all the boxes for efficiently and effectively storing your food.

Available in black, ivory or dark inox, the AGA SXS Fridge Freezer implements technological features to improve the functionality of your fridge freezer. With a control panel fixed to the outside of the fridge doors, this AGA fridge freezer allows you to control whether the separated freezer zones are set to fridge or freezer. So, if you need some extra fridge storage for your fresh food, you can simply adjust the fridge freezer settings so that one side of your freezer operates as a fridge.

Choose between the AGA DXD Fridge Freezer and the AGA Deluxe SXS Fridge Freezer.

AGA Cooker Hoods

Each of the AGA cooker hoods have been designed to remove steam, odours and fumes quickly and efficiently. With both traditional designs and contemporary styles, AGA have produced a range of cooker hoods that will complement your AGA cooker and surrounding interior design. From 60cm to 110cm, AGA supply cooker hoods in a variety of sizes to match a range of cooker widths and fit within the space of your kitchen.

Certain AGA cooker hoods are also available in a selection of colours including British racing green, blush, aubergine and black, so your cooker hood can match with the tones already found in your kitchen.

Take a look at our range of AGA kitchen appliances and cooker hoods.