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Introducing the new Ironwood Stove

The Ironwood Thaw 5Kw Wide Stove is the exceptional wood burning stove that’s made in South Wales by Topstak.
As an experienced South Wales dealer of many leading makes of stoves, we have designed our own high-quality and modern wood burning stove to suit sustainable living in homes.
Combining a contemporary design with clean burn technology, the Ironwood Stove allows the wood to burn safely and clearly while still delivering comfortable heat to the room.

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South Wales’ first manufactured wood burning stove

The Ironwood Thaw 5Kw Wide is the first wood burning stove of its kind to be made in South Wales. Designed by the team at Topstak, the Ironwood Stove has been manufactured to the best quality using Welsh steel from Tata Steel in Port Talbot. Each component has been manufactured nearby in Bridgend and welded and assembled at Topstak ensuring a low carbon footprint.
True to its origins, the Ironwood Thaw 5Kw Wide is named after the River Thaw that runs through the local market town of Cowbridge and the heart of our business.

The Ironwood Stove’s key features

The Ironwood Stove is a sophisticated addition to any household. Available in metallic black paint with a choice of aluminium, gold or black coloured handles, the Ironwood Stove has several modern and innovative features that make it a high-quality wood burning stove, including:

• SIA Ecodesign Ready

• Clearskies Level 5

• DEFRA exempt for burning wood in smoke control areas

• One-piece stainless-steel baffle plate

• A superheated airwash

• Clean burn technology

• Large glass window

• Ashpan and grate

Minimal in design, the Ironwood Stove suits households who favour simple easy to operate appliances which are eco-conscious. Not only is the Ironwood Stove Defra Exempt, but it also meets the Ecodesign Ready requirements.

Complete with an ash pan, the one-piece stainless-steel baffle plate makes it easy to clean and straightforward for chimney sweeps. Also, the superheated airwash ensures a clean burn with clear glass while the stove spigot is out of view for you to enjoy the fire without any unsightly fire cement in the way.

Enhanced efficiency and lower emissions

With a 5Kw output and efficiency of 80.3%, the Ironwood Stove meets the Ecodesign Ready requirements. Committed to designing eco-friendly appliances, the Ironwood Stove has been awarded the ClearSkies Level 5, which is the highest level possible for its high efficiency and much lower emissions.
The ClearSkies Mark is part of the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) Ecodesign Ready scheme and is recognised by the government in Defra’s Clean Air Strategy. Find out more about the SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme.

Burn wood cleanly

As a Defra Exempt approved stove, the Ironwood Stove is a safer and cleaner way to burn wood in your home. Ensuring that the stove complies with the Clean Air Act, the Ironwood Stove is designed to provide the minimum level of combustion air so that the wood burns efficiently without producing unnecessary smoke in your home.

Experience the Ironwood Stove

Experience the Ironwood Stove in action at our showrooms. The Ironwood Thaw 5Kw Wide is available to see and to order from our Topstak showrooms in Cowbridge and Monmouth.

Available from 1st November 2021 in store only.