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Wiking Woodburning Stoves

Owned by HWAM, Wiking stoves are produced with the aim of becoming the cleanest and most efficient wood burning stoves available. Using modern equipment including laser cutting and robot welding, Wiking stoves are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, resulting in consistently high-quality products. With superior production and modern features, HWAM and Wiking have created a range of contemporary stoves that produce both optimal heat and a clean burn.

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Modern Wiking stoves

Each Wiking stove is modern in design and function. From slim, rectangular stoves to smooth, cylindrical designs, Wiking modern stoves have been created to complement the contemporary features of any home. From the eye-catching Wiking Miro 5 with its slow release soapstone feature to the compact Wiking Mini 2 which is the smallest Wiking stove to date, each modern Wiking stove has been designed to provide optimal heat, no matter the size or shape of the stove.

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Wiking’s Advanced Technology

To make heating your home as easy as possible, Wiking have installed each of their wood burning stoves with their Wiking Automatic system. This means that when lighting your fire, a damper in your stove will open to encourage air to reach the flames and start the fire. Once the temperature has risen, the damper will close, allowing for a clean and efficient burn. With the Wiking Automatic function, you can operate your modern Wiking stove with ease, quickly providing your home with warmth.

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Choosing a Wiking stove

With HWAM, Wiking have produced a huge range of technologically advanced stoves in contemporary styles. So, if you find yourself uncertain about which Wiking stove to pick, you can either use our stove selector or contact our team for advice.

You can access our stove selector here to quickly find out which Wiking stove is best suited to your home.