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At STUV Stoves, design is at the heart of everything they create. Considering the value of the technical features alongside the want for an aesthetic appearance, STUV stove designers apply the notion that form must stem from function. With simplicity, STUV have created a collection of inset stoves that have the ability to become part of a home’s architecture, as they have been designed to fit into any kind of interior space. More than just an object or a heating appliance, a STUV wood burning stove is a key fixture in any home.

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Built-in Inset stoves

Designed for easy integration into a partition or fireplace, STUV have created a range of inset stoves with customisable features. From selecting the width of the frame to choosing between single and double-sided options, STUV’s built in stoves can be personalised to meet the needs of you and your home.

For optimum heat output, we recommend using your STUV built in stove with the glass door closed, effectively retaining and producing more heat.

Ready-to-fit stoves

If you’d like an inset stove but don’t have anywhere suitable for installation, a STUV ready-to-fit stove may be the ideal solution. Each of these STUV stoves comes with a surrounding metal structure which effectively clads the stove and provides that built in stove effect. With the option to customise the outside cladding to match your interior style, you can successfully achieve the aesthetic appearance of an inset stove.

If you’d like to see how a ready-to-fit STUV stove looks once it’s been installed, take a look at the STUV 21/05 and STUV Micro Mega.

Selecting a STUV stove

To choose the STUV stove that will best fit the space you have available and most effectively heat your home, use our stove selector. When filling in our stove selector form, remember to select STUV Stoves as your preferred brand to find out which STUV stove is the most suitable for your home.

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