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Sustainable Woodwarm Stoves

Based in the Devon countryside, Woodwarm Stoves prioritise the quality, design and environmental impact of each of their stoves. By combining their passion for protecting their natural surroundings with their state-of-the-art technology, Woodwarm have created stoves that produce a maximal amount of heat and a minimal amount of pollution. From traditional multifuel stoves to modern gas fired stoves, Woodwarm hand build and rigorously test every stove they produce to ensure they each meet their unbeatably high standards.

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Fuel Type
Eco Design

Traditional Multifuel stoves

Woodwarm’s traditional multifuel stoves are split into collections called The Fireview Range, The Foxfire Range and The Phoenix Eco Range. All Woodwarm stoves are able to be used as wood fired or multifuel appliances, allowing you the freedom to choose which fuel type you’d prefer to use. For a traditional multifuel stove with clean burn technology, we’d recommend exploring The Phoenix Eco Range which includes the Woodwarm Phoenix Firewren ECO and the Woodwarm Phoenix Firebright Inset. Each of these stoves are highly efficient and have been approved to burn wood in smoke free zones, thanks to their impressively low emission rates.

For a sustainable yet traditional multifuel stove, explore Woodwarm stoves.

Gas stoves

Designed for efficiency and ease, Woodwarm’s range of gas stoves can be operated with the push of a button. With immediate heat and straightforward control, Woodwarm’s stoves are a great solution if you want to heat your home without the hassle of collecting and storing solid fuel. Yet, recognising the want for the aesthetic appeal of a wood or coal burning stove, Woodwarm produce stoves that can realistically replicate the image of a log or coal fire, depending on your preference.

Explore Woodwarm’s gas stoves.

Selecting a Woodwarm stove

For assistance when choosing your gas, wood burning or multifuel Woodwarm stove, try using our stove selector. All you need to do is fill out the attached form and our stove selector will recommend which Woodwarm stove is right for you.

Access our stove selector here.