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How to Light Your Fire With Ease

Topstak are here to make lighting your fire quick and easy. That’s why we stock a range of firelighter accessories including matches, kindling sticks and flamers firelighters. To achieve an efficient and clean burn, we would recommend you use our all-natural firelighters alongside our softwood kindling sticks, to ensure your fire doesn’t just start quickly, but burns to last.

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Our kindling sticks

If you usually struggle to get your fire started, it may be because you don’t have the right form of kindling in your stove. Luckily, Topstak stocks a 2.3kg bag of kindling sticks to help get your fire going at home. Our bags of kindling sticks hold a variety of softwoods that will help produce a clean and quick starting burn.

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Benefits of natural firelighters

Stocking a variety of branded firelighters, we can guarantee a strong, long burn every time you light your fire. Great for use in wood burning stoves, charcoal ovens and barbecues, our natural firelighters are clean, odourless, tasteless and nontoxic, so you can use them to start up your BBQ without any cause for concern. With boxes containing between 24 and 200 natural firelighters, Topstak can provide you with more than enough fire starters to get your fuel burning.

Once you have received your firelighters, we recommend keeping them in one of our Flamers Buckets for easy access and safe storage.

Flamers bucket

Forget the packaging your flamers come in and opt for one of our secure and stylish storage buckets. Able to hold up to 75 flamers, our metal flamers bucket provides a secure and space effective storage solution for your firelighters. Available in a neutral cream, our flamers bucket will look great placed next to your stove and is sure to complement a variety of interior designs.

Contact our team for more advice on safely storing your firelighters.