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Everhot Electric Range Cookers

The Everhot range cookers offers a marriage between traditional style and contemporary heat storage efficiency. Designed to give you the best of both worlds, this modern electric range cooker gently warms up the kitchen while you prepare each meal.

Versatile and welcoming, the Everhot electric range cooker can run on renewable energy as well as on standard electricity sources, allowing environmentally-conscious homeowners to do their bit for the planet.

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Why choose an Everhot electric range cooker?

The Everhot electric range cooker is bound to become a focal point of your everyday life at home. With its comforting warmth and unrivalled efficiency, this electric range cooker will make your life simpler and more enjoyable.

You will have full control over each individual element of your Everhot electric range cooker, including both ovens and hot plates, as well as the option to switch to ‘ECO’ mode on warm days or during times when you’re away.

In other words, despite the fact that your electric range cooker is designed to stay on constantly, you can adjust the temperature to suit both your cooking needs and the weather.

The gentle warmth of the Everhot electric range cooker, combine with its flexibility, make it the perfect kitchen companion all year round. Equipped with ovens that perfectly cook, roast and bake each meal (complete with a full-width grill), the electric range cooker will prepare delicious meals and fill your kitchen with radiant heat, all at once.

The history of the Everhot electric range cooker

Since it was first invented forty years ago as a way to provide warmth in kitchens without causing huge energy usage spikes, the Everhot electric range cooker has been a household favourite, running on a fraction of the electricity required by traditional range cookers. Nowadays, the electric range cooker runs equally well on renewable energy and standard electricity input.

Over the years, Everhot has maintained their electric range cookers at the forefront of innovation and efficiency, making it a hallmark for engineering success as well as stunning design. Through a continuous dedication to sustainability and uncompromised quality, the brand has established the Everhot electric range cooker as a paragon of efficiency.

Everhot – the sustainable electric range cooker

From the creation of the original Everhot electric range cooker, the desire to conserve energy has been deeply embedded at the heart of the business. For nearly half a century, the company has been manufacturing efficient electric range cookers and dedicating considerable efforts to making them even more compatible with renewable energy.

Everhot is also continuously working to make its factory a staple for eco-friendly local manufacturing. In an effort to offset any environmental damages caused by the manufacturing process, all Everhot electric range cookers are assembled in Gloucestershire using materials from UK suppliers and locally generated energy.

The Everhot electric range cooker collection

Our Everhot electric range cooker collection features a selection of different models, all of which have been lovingly handcrafted using traditional method, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect size and style electric range cooker for your kitchen.