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Ca Pietra Flooring (1)

Who Are Ca’ Pietra Flooring?

Ca’ Pietra flooring are a family run business dedicated to craftsmanship, quality and design. With 30 years of experience, Ca’ Pietra are committed to providing you with flooring that works to complement the rest of your home. As firm believers in making a house a home, Ca’ Pietra are constantly updating their collections to ensure they stock designs to meet every home’s needs.

Porcelain Stone Flooring

Made from a variety of clays and minerals, Ca’ Pietra’s porcelain flooring will provide the perfect foundation for your home. Extremely hardwearing, porcelain provides a durable flooring solution that will stay resistant to damage for years to come. Where natural stone flooring evolves over time, their porcelain floor tiles are guaranteed to remain in pristine condition.

Ca’ Pietra’s porcelain flooring is a versatile option for any style of home, as they produce a wide selection of colours and tones for you to choose from.

Enquire today to discuss the porcelain flooring options available through Ca’ Pietra.

Natural Stone Flooring

Bring nature into your home through Ca’ Pietra’s natural stone flooring. With a selection of high-quality limestone, sandstone, marble and slate, every floor tile produced by Ca’ Pietra has its own features and variations. Recognising the individuality and originality of every stone type, Ca’ Pietra work to help make your home your own by supplying a range of unique and natural floor tiles.

Available in either flagstone or mosaic format, explore Ca’ Pietra’s natural stone flooring to find the floor tiles to match the interior of your home.

Talk to our team to find out more about Ca’ Pietra’s natural stone flooring options.

Decorative Stone Flooring

Ca’ Pietra are passionate about making flooring that provides your home with that missing wow factor. Whether you want a bold geometric print, or a statement as you walk in the door, Ca’ Pietra can help turn your home into one filled with colours, patterns and shapes. With their range of decorative stone flooring and tiles, Ca’ Pietra believe flooring doesn’t just have to be functional but can be a statement feature in any home.

Call our team to find out more about Ca’ Pietra’s decorative flooring.