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Electric Range Cookers

Choosing an electric range cooker for your home is guaranteed to make a huge difference. More versatile than regular cookers, range cookers offer extra space and functionalities. Designed to provide you with a variety of cooking options, many electric range cookers come with a separate grill, so you can whip up roasted and grilled dishes all at the same time!

Why choose electric range cookers?

The main benefit an electric range cooker brings to the table when compared to regular cookers is the multifunctional area it creates. Combining the roasting and grilling capabilities of a traditional oven with the boiling and frying features of a standard hob, an electric range cooker is the full package, tied up neatly in a stylish piece of furniture that will serve as a focal point in your kitchen.

Benefits of electric range cookers

In addition to multiple functionalities and a beautiful exterior, electric range cookers offer numerous benefits. Larger than standard ovens, they have a lot higher capacity for both cooking and storage, so you can easily prepare meals for big gatherings without covering every available surface in the kitchen with dishes.

What’s more, when you purchase an electric range cooker, you’re saving time and money on buying all the other kitchen bits and bobs such as separate hobs, or cabinets for your pots and pans (you can store these in a dedicated section of your range cooker). Plus, if you’re looking for an electric range cooker that goes above and beyond, some brands offer models that can provide heating as well as cooking functionalities.

Types of electric range cookers

Electric range cookers come in different colours and sizes. Most range cooker brands offer a selection of models with a diverse number of ovens, in a variety of colours – so whatever your capacity and décor needs, you’re guaranteed to find a good match.