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Woodburning, Gas and Electric Range Cookers

Whether you want a woodburning, gas or electric range cooker, Topstak stocks a variety of renowned range cooker brands including AGA, Everhot and ESSE. Each brand is committed to using skilled craftsmanship to design and build products that will meet the aesthetical wants and functional needs of their customers. With this catalogue of innovative products and brands, Topstak are confident that the range cooker you choose will perform optimally, helping you produce delicious food for the whole family.

Take a look at our selection of range cookers.

AGA Range Cookers

Our selection of AGA range cookers have been made using cast-iron, which works to retain and radiate heat, providing a gentler cooking experience. With both gas and electric range cookers available, AGA works to create cookers that are aesthetically designed and well-engineered to suit a variety of kitchen needs. Choose between their 24/7 Radiant Heat model which will always be on and ready to use, and their Everyday Radiant Heat model which can be switched on and off for use throughout the day.

As every kitchen space is different, AGA also presents a wide selection of colourful customisation options so your range cooker can fit seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Take a closer look at the AGA range cookers here.

Everhot Range Cookers

Everhot are dedicated to making range cookers that are characterful and efficient, which is why each of their products are handmade in their carbon negative factory in Dursley, Gloucestershire. Able to be used through a standard 13amp plug, Everhot have made electric range cookers that are both modern and energy efficient, making them perfect for households of today. With eleven product types and six different sizes, Everhot have provided a selection of range cookers that can improve the overall function and design of your kitchen.

Explore Everhot’s selection of electric range cookers.

ESSE Range Cookers

Versatile and progressive, ESSE offers a wide selection of woodburning, electric and hybrid range cookers. Made by a team of dedicated craftsmen in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, each of their range cookers are packed with advanced technology and cutting-edge features. With products that are suitable for continuous woodburning and range cookers that are as simple to use as switching on a plug, ESSE’s range cookers are designed to make cooking as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Find the ESSE range cooker that is right for you.

Rayburn Range Cookers

For more than seventy years, AGA Rayburn has been the warm heart of many British homes, leading the field in central heating range cookers. With its iconic design, absolute reliability and flexibility, it’s easy to see why the AGA Rayburn has been such an enduring success.

And today’s models offer you all this plus the efficiency provided by cutting-edge engineering. Benefiting from the very latest boiler design and burner technologies, an AGA Rayburn delivers high levels of efficiency which are independently tested and verified. And because the AGA Rayburn is as good-looking as it is practical, it’s a joy to live with.

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