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Trusted Hunter Stoves

With over 200 expertly crafted stoves in their collection, Hunter stoves are considered to be one of the most renowned and trusted stove manufacturers in the UK. Since designing their first steel boiler stove in 1970, Hunter stoves have expanded their range to include wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves and boiler stoves in varying sizes and styles.

From traditional features to contemporary designs, explore our selection of Hunter stoves below.

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Eco Design

Hunter Woodburning stoves

All of Hunter’s woodburning stoves have been designed with the environment in mind, allowing you to produce maximum heat with minimal emissions. Thanks to the clean combustion techniques of each Hunter stove, you can expect to use less fuel with each burn, making Hunter stoves more efficient to operate.  Designed to meet your fuel preferences and heat requirements, Hunter stoves offer a simpler way of heating your home.

Explore the Hunter stoves range.

Environmental Values

On a mission to curb their carbon footprint, Hunter have taken drastic steps to guarantee their stove production process is sustainable and efficient. Having recently installed 799 solar panels on the roof of their stove factory, Hunter have also committed to using recyclable materials to package their stoves for delivery.

While Hunter stoves have already adapted their current stove range to be less pollutive, they are currently working on the creation of a zero emissions stove. Intending to go that one step further, Hunter stoves hope to revolutionise fuel burning stoves and how they impact the environment.