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How much does a hot tub cost?

This completely depends on what type of hot tub you are looking for and how it is constructed. Size, seating and even options like sound systems can add more cost.  We pride ourselves here at Arctic Spas that we have developed our hot tubs to cater for every customers price range, and still receive the best built hot tub in the market.

How much does a hot tub cost to run?

The average running cost of a 2 pump Hot Tub will vary according to insulation, usage and again construction.  We average out at around £0.41 per day and that is with 40 minutes use every day.   Other companies may show cheaper however with our Spa Boy® system we can show exactly how much they cost to the penny.  We are not afraid to show this.

Will I need a crane, and how much do they cost?

The only time you would require a crane is when there is limited access to your property. Cane costs vary depending on where you are, how far the crane lift is, etc.. but the average crane cost is usually between £300 and £600. This can sometimes be more depending on your location, for instance if a road needs closed off.  However, we supply a free site check with every Hot Tub sold.

Do I need to lay a concrete base for the hot tub?

For most of the hot tubs in the market, you will require a 6” poured concrete pad as they have no base at all (some have a thin plastic sheet tacked to a wooden frame). Not with an Arctic Spa. All our tubs come with our Forever Floor® which completely eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking, or paving slabs. A concrete pad would only be required for our Summit XL and All Weather Pool models simply due to their size.

Do I need to plumb the hot tub in and how long does it take to fill up?

Most hot tub will not require to be plumbed in (such as our Arctic Spa models) as they are self-contained, portable units. The time it takes to fill up a hot tub really depends on your water pressure and the size of the tub, but on average it would be around 2-3 hours filling time.

This depends on the size of heater your hot tub has, and the amount of pumps that run the tub.  The power supplies range from 13amp, 16amp, 32amp, 40amp & 50amp, and here at Arctic we have spas to suit them all.   We can also re-programme our motherboards to accept a lower amperage meaning you can have it all even if your electrics do not have the capacity at that time.

Is the water difficult to maintain, and how often should it be changed?

Looking after your hot tubs water is actually very easy, the most important part is to ensure you always have enough sanitizer (normally chlorine or bromine). Arctic Spas have their very own automated, self-dosing system called Spa Boy®. So, no more testing with strips or having to top up with sanitizer, your Arctic will do it for you. Changing your water will depend on the usage of your spa but it is estimated that you should carry out a complete water change every 3-4 months.

How much will the filters & chemicals cost each year?

The average cost for chemicals and filters should be around £200 per year. This will of course vary depending on your usage and bather load.

Do I need to leave my hot tub turned on every day?

Yes it needs to be kept on.  It is a false economy turning your spa off when its not in use. The water will start to cool and you will have to pay for that electricity again to heat it. Also, the water has to be thoroughly filtered and sanitised, which can only be done when the tub is powered up. By leaving your hot tub on it will maintain its temperature more efficiently, and it will also maintain crystal clear water more effectively. Remember with Arctic our pumps heat the water for you meaning less use of the heater, saving you money!!

What happens if I get a problem with my hot tub?

Most hot tubs come with an owner’s manual, but Arctic spas have a dedicated UK based headquarters and dealers throughout the UK to help with any technical or chemical queries from our customers. We also have videos on our YouTube channel to help instruct customers on basic troubleshooting and spa maintenance.

What is the warranty on a hot tub?

The warranty on a hot tub can vary, so be sure to check exactly what warranty coverage you get and that there are local technicians available should you need them, and not have to wait for them to be sent from a location hundreds of miles away from you.   Read the warranty carefully as most suppliers have a gradient warranty where in year one you get most things covered but by year 3/4/5 you pay for most parts and labour.

Arctic Spa has one of the most comprehensive warranties ranging from 1 year labour, 3 years parts, to 5 years labour, 5 years parts and lifetime structural guarantee.