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Having been making stoves since 1987, Clearview are renowned for consistently setting the bar high with both their Clearview multifuel stoves and traditional wood burning stoves. Expertly crafted, Clearview apply passion and precision to every stove they make, guaranteeing you receive a reliably functional stove, whatever the fuel type.

At Topstak, we are proud to be the exclusive South Wales dealers of Clearview stoves. To see the full range of Clearview stoves on display, visit one of our showrooms.

Room Output
Fuel Type
Eco Design

Clearview Pioneer stoves

This range of Clearview stoves consists of the Clearview Pioneer 400 and the Clearview Pioneer 400P. As Clearview multifuel stoves, both stoves are incredibly fuel efficient and have the ability to burn as little as one kilo of wood per hour. Considered to be the highest specification of small stove ever built, the Clearview Pioneer 400 is unrivalled in its heat capabilities, and has since become one of Topstak’s bestselling stoves. Where the Clearview Pioneer 400P is equally as impressive, it also comes with the addition of an integral plinth.

Shop the Clearview Pioneer 400 and Clearview Pioneer 400P here.

Clearview Vision stoves

The Clearview Vision range is made up of two stoves: the Clearview Vision 500 and the Clearview Vision Inset. Revolutionary in design and function, the Clearview Vision 500 was the first multifuel stove to be approved for use in UK smoke control areas. Both with a large glass window and easy access door, each Clearview stove in the Vision range has been designed to heat your home as efficiently as possible.

Whether you want a robust freestanding stove or a sleekly designed inset stove, Topstak supplies both, with the Clearview Vision 500 and the Clearview Vision Inset.

Clearview Solution stoves

Within the Clearview Solution range there is the smaller Clearview Solution 400 and the larger Clearview solution 500. Both of these stoves are convection stoves, meaning they are able to effectively and evenly distribute heat around a room. Each Solution stove is also available with stainless steel sides, taking these Clearview stoves from traditional to contemporary.

Find out more about the Clearview Solution 400 and the Clearview Solution 500.

Clearview 650 and 750

As the two largest stoves in the Clearview collection, the Clearview 650 and Clearview 750 have been designed to provide more heat for larger rooms. With their two front windows, these Clearview stoves allow for an impressive view of the flames inside as they work to produce maximal amounts of heat in open plan areas. Available with either a flat top, low canopy or high canopy, these large Clearview stoves will easily become the centrepiece of any room.

Take a closer look at the Clearview 650 and Clearview 750.