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Cosy Contura Stoves

Contura stoves are designed and manufactured in Sweden, where they have the largest wood burning stoves facility in Europe. Every stove is quality controlled before leaving the factory, allowing Contura to oversee the build and finish of every stove produced. Recognising the varying interior styles around the world, Contura aims to make stoves that are timeless in design and function. This means that no matter where you live, a Contura stove will always fit right into your home.

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Contura Modern Stoves

Every Contura stove is built to the highest quality from the finest materials. Yet, Contura don’t just make your traditional woodburning stove. Contura modern stoves are outstanding in style and unique in design, with a selection of cylindrical and rectangular stoves. One of their most eye catching, wood burning stoves is the Contura 520S Style which features a tall, rounded body with a polished sandstone finish. More natural in appearance than your traditional black stove, Contura modern stoves push the boundaries on classic stove designs to create effective and functional centrepieces.

However, understanding that eccentric designs aren’t for everyone, Contura also creates modern stoves of traditional size and shape, such as the Contura 51L.

For further information on Contura’s modern stoves, contact Topstak.

Contura’s Commitment to Energy

In 2022, DEFRA and the government will enforce their EcoDesign regulations, in an attempt to curb the emissions released by stoves. Yet, rather than waiting for the official 2022 implementation date, Contura have joined the Stove Industry Alliance initiative and have worked hard to make all of their stoves EcoDesign ready. Committed to reducing the environmental impact of stoves, every stove produced by Contura has been designed with quality, function and the environment in mind.

Selecting a Contura Stove

With stoves of such varying styles and designs, our Topstak stove selector can help you narrow down your options. Depending on the space you have available and the size of the room you’re looking to heat, our stove selector will work to match you with the Contura stove that best aligns with your requirements.

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