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Barbecue & Smoker Fuel

Topstak stocks a variety of premium charcoal, smoking and pellet brands. Here at Topstak you have the choice of top quality BBQ fuels to get you ready to Grill no matter the weather!

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Big Green Egg Charcoal

If you want charcoal that is easy to light, produces minimal smoke and burns with intense flavour, the Big Green Egg Organic Lumpwood Charcoal is perfect for you and your BBQ. Made from premium American oak and hickory hardwoods, this charcoal isn’t just fuel, but a key ingredient in creating that delicious barbecued taste. As it is completely free of chemical fillers and petroleum additives, you can burn your charcoal without the fear of tainting your food or damaging your BBQ.

Choose between a small or large bag of Big Green Egg charcoal.