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When refurbishing an existing property or setting up a barn conversion, a metal chimney system is just the solution you need if you want to purchase a cosy woodburning stove or an inset fire. Gas or oil-fired appliances can also be installed safely when combined with the right twin wall chimney system.

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Why a metal chimney system?

Having a metal chimney system is a quick and economical alternative to fitting a pumice or concrete chimney system in your new or refurbished property. Featuring a unique, simple push fit or twist lock jointing arrangement, these stainless steel chimneys can be installed in record time, and come in a comprehensive choice of pipe sections, bends and fittings to match almost any requirement.

Inside the stainless steel chimneys

Our metal chimney system is regarded as one of the most robust CE-marked systems on the market. Made to the highest standard of quality, the stainless steel chimneys system has undergone rigorous testing, and awarded a space on the HETAS list of approved metal chimney systems.

Split into sections which fitters can easily assemble together using the simple “push fit” jointing, the stainless steel chimneys feature an insulated inner liner and high quality outer casting, which combine to deliver optimum performance and resilience. Typically available in a range of standard diameters and a classic “shiny” stainless steel appearance, the metal chimney system can also be purchased in larger sizes or alternative finishes.

The revolutionary metal chimney system is compatible with a wide selection of the solid fuel, coal or wood burning stoves distributed by Topstak. In addition to modern and contemporary heating appliances, our stainless steel chimneys are suitable for use with decorative flame effect gas open fires or concrete firechests, as well as above brick fireplaces.

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