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Parts and Accessories for Stoves

To guarantee the continued safety and running of your stove, Topstak has a range of replacement parts and stove accessories available online. From replacement parts for your old stove to regulatory accessories to maintain your safety, such as Carbon Monoxide alarms, Topstak offers a selection of products to help with the installation and restoration of your stove.

Maintaining and Repairing Your Stove

Categorised by brand, Topstak stocks a range of spare stove parts that can be used to repair your damaged stove. With brands such as Contura, Woodwarm, Clearview, Arada and Chesneys, Topstak supply a selection of branded parts and accessories to help replace damaged sections of your stove. With spare firebricks, ash pans, fuel retainers and flue adaptors, Topstak are here to advise you on which product and part will best suit your specific stove and requirements.

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Stove Accessories to keep you safe

To ensure your safety when using your stove, Topstak supplies a variety of safety specific stove accessories. When lighting or topping up your stove with fuel, Topstak would always recommend the use of stove gloves, an ash caddy and a flamers bucket. While stove gloves will protect your hands from any unruly flames and hot handles, the flamers bucket will provide a safe and secure place to keep your firelighters.

Once you finish lighting your stove we would also suggest the placement of a Hearthgate, which can be installed around your stove to ensure your family maintain a safe distance at all times.

Take a look at our recommended accessories for stoves.

Regulatory Stove Accessories

When you have a stove installed in your home, it is a legal requirement that you also have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted. As Topstak are dedicated to the safety of our customers, we stock a trusted Carbon Monoxide alarm which can provide early warning through an alarm and LED display if Carbon Monoxide is present in your home. In the event of your stove becoming damaged, a Carbon Monoxide alarm would be imperative to confirming your safety.

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Outdoor Stove Accessories and Tools

To prepare your firewood for use in your stove, you may need a selection of outdoor stove accessories such as a chopping block, Sawhorse log holder and log splitter. Each of these products will make preparing your firewood a faster and more time-efficient task to complete.

So, if you want an extra helping hand to chop or split your firewood, check out our range of Topstak stove accessories.