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The Isokern chimney systems are high quality pumice chimney systems perfectly suited for both new build chimney installations and the refurbishment of existing chimney block system. Designed with ease and durability in mind, each product in the Isokern chimney collection is lightweight and versatile, offering superior compatibility with steel and timber frame constructions as well as masonry.

Whether you’re building a new chimney, or relining your old chimney, an Isokern round pumice liner chimney system is the ideal match for your wood burning appliances, both outdoors and indoors. The Isokern chimney legacy spans over sixty years and two continents; a fact which in itself is indisputable evidence for the quality of the brand.

The properties of a pumice chimney system

Since pumice is a natural insulator, it’s the perfect material for a new build chimney. This unique property separates pumice chimney systems from all other types of chimney block systems, making Isokern chimneys the preferred solution of many homeowners.

With the help of a pumice chimney system, your heating appliance will easily reach optimum temperature within record time of lighting. Plus, a chimney block system made from pumice will stay warm for longer, maximising the efficiency and heat output of your wood burner and reducing the possibility of soot build-up in the flue.

Isokern Flue Liners

The Isokern chimney flue liners make for a great pumice chimney system when building a new chimney which will be surrounded by stone, brick or block. Available in a range of sizes, the Isokern chimney linings are compatible with all fuel types; however, they are not suitable for condensing appliances such as pellet or biomass. As well as new build chimney systems, these pumice liners fit perfectly within refurbished masonry chimneys.


Isokern Chimney Blocks

The Double Module chimney block system is the ideal solution if you’re looking for maximum insulation in a minimal space and seamless construction. Designed with ease of installation in mind, this pumice chimney system contains a number of lightweight block which specialists can handle effortlessly.

Each element of the Isokern chimney block system is laid with great attention to detail, its inner and outer blocks connected by staggered joins for added stability. Between the two layers of the pumice chimney system, an air gap is formed to increase the insulation of your Isokern chimney.

The revolutionary pumice chimney block system is a perfect companion to new build chimneys. The Isokern chimney system is suitable for oil, gas, wood logs and solid fuels, but it’s sadly not compatible with condensing appliances.

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