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Guidance on Hot Tub Filters and Chemicals

Adding chemicals to your hot tub can seem daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, Topstak are here to support you through the process.

With a huge selection of hot tub filters and chemicals available, Topstak has a suitable solution for every hot tub. Whether you’re looking to regularly sanitise your hot tub water, or you’re struggling to maintain a balanced pH level, simply contact Topstak for guidance on which products you need. For a hot tub that is free from bacteria, algae and insects, take a look at Topstak’s range of chemicals, filters and dispensers.

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Bromine and Chlorine for Hot Tubs

Before you begin treating your hot tub, we would always recommend you first use a test strip to see which chemicals need adjusting or adding.

If you’re looking to sanitise the water in your hot tub, you will need to use either bromine or chlorine. Both chemicals work to kill any insects or algae found in the water, and come in various forms. For chlorine treatments, Topstak stocks chlorine tablets, chlorine granules and a chlorine starter kit for those who are new to treating their hot tubs. Onzen salt is also an effective chlorine treatment, which works to clean your hot tub through a salt water sanitising system.

For bromine treatments, Topstak has bromine tablets, bromine boost granules and similarly a bromine starter kit, for use in new hot tubs. Effective in hot water and with minimal impact on the pH level in your hot tub, bromine works to safely treat and remove any harmful bacteria from your hot tub.

Contact our team for guidance on treating your hot tub with chlorine and bromine.

Hot Tub Filters

With both reusable and disposable filters available, Topstak stocks a variety of hot tub filters which have been designed for use with Arctic Spa hot tubs. Keep your hot tub water clean from debris and sediments with one of our hot tub filters.

Hot Tub Chemical Dispensers

Our chemical dispensers are designed for use with our range of hot tub tablets. Choose between a small and large dispenser, depending on the size of your pool or hot tub, to effectively keep your water clean and ready to use.