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Topstak’s Seasoned Logs

To help you avoid the lengthy seasoning process, Topstak stocks already seasoned firewood that will be ready to use once delivered. Made from Ash, Beech and Birch, Topstak’s seasoned logs can provide you with the perfect solution for burning wood all year round.

Our air-dried firewood is easy to light and burns with optimum heat output, which is why our seasoned firewood has achieved the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ stamp of approval.

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Benefits of Seasoned Firewood

Buying your firewood seasoned and ready to use offers many benefits.

Where freshly cut wood will have around a 60% moisture level, our seasoned logs will be delivered with below 20%, which is ideal for burning. As moisture causes the wood to release more smoke and soot when being burned, the drier the wood is the cleaner the burn will be. If there is less moisture, it also means that less energy will go into trying to remove the moisture, and more energy can be released into your home through heat.

By purchasing your seasoned wood from Topstak, you will be provided with high quality wood that burns cleanly and efficiently.

Find out more about seasoned firewood by contacting our team.

Air Dried Firewood

While air dried logs may take longer to produce, at Topstak, we believe it’s worth it, to provide you with logs that have been ethically and sustainably seasoned. Once our air-dried logs have been sourced, they are stacked and stored in our purpose-built buildings, ready to begin the seasoning process. By allowing the wood to dry out naturally, Topstak is encouraging natural development opposed to enforcing manual seasoning, meaning your seasoned logs are produced with the environment in mind.

Once seasoned, our air-dried logs are given the Woodsure stamp of approval, before being packaged up and delivered in bulk bags or by the tipper load.

Order your air dried, seasoned firewood from Topstak.