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Red Bank offers a range of clay and concrete flue systems, and flue liner to meet the requirements of any type of appliance. Every chimney is unique so it is important to establish the size of the fireplace opening and the type of appliance before specifying the flue system.

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Traditional concrete chimney for new build

Flue liners are commonly heat resistant concrete chimney systems which can be used to recreate the look of a traditional chimney for new build structures. Typically, this type of chimney system consists of several liners supported by a gather or lintel, adhered using a flue jointing mortar mix.

These concrete chimney systems are usually surrounded by block, stonework or bricks. When installing this type of chimney for new build homes, contactors would leave a gap between the liners and surrounding materials before backfilling the modular chimney system with a Leca or vermiculite concrete mix for extra insulation.

We stock a range of Red Bank concrete chimney systems featuring square, rectangular and round flue shapes. Square flue liners are a favourite when fitting an open fire chimney for new build homes, while larger rectangular liners are the preferred solution for large Inglenook chimneys.

In addition to the core modular chimney and concrete systems, we offer a variety of chimney pots and gathers bends.

Contact us to find out more about our concrete chimney systems.