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Accessories for your Range Cooker

Our Cookshop range has everything you may need for using your Range cooker. Whether you want to boil the kettle for a cup of tea, or cook up a roast for the whole family, we have all the products you need to complete a variety of kitchen tasks. Made from high quality materials and vigorously tested, our kitchen products, appliances and utensils will help you make the most out of your cooker.

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AGA Portmeirion (8)
Stellar Cookware (10)
AGA Baking Trays (16)
AGA Cast Aluminium (12)
AGA Cleaning and Maintenance (13)
AGA Kettles (8)
AGA Pets (5)
AGA Saucepans (10)
AGA Storage (1)
AGA Textiles (26)
Room Output
Fuel Type
Eco Design

AGA Baking Trays and Saucepans

The AGA Cookshop range stocks a selection of baking trays, tins and saucepans, each designed to utilise the space within and around your AGA cooker.

For use inside the cooker, we have baking trays, loaf tins, quiche tins and muffin trays, providing you with endless cooking ideas and abilities. The AGA trays come in a range of sizes and have been designed to perfectly fit on the runners inside your AGA cooker, so you’ll no longer need to stack your trays on the grid shelf.

For use on the hob, our saucepans and casserole pots have been designed to both look good and perform optimally. Sold separately or in matching sets, our range of saucepans are sure to enhance your kitchen experience.

AGA Cookshop Kettles

Topstak stocks a range of the AGA Cookshop kettles, which each have a wide, heat efficient base and an easy grip handle. Made from either stainless steel or aluminium, and available in cream, black or polished steel, there is sure to be a Cookshop kettle for every kitchen.

Not sure how you will know when your water is boiled? Listen out for the distinctive AGA kettle whistle, which will sound as soon as your water has reached an optimum temperature.

Take a look at the AGA Cookshop kettles here.

Cleaning Accessories for your AGA

To keep your AGA cooker clean and functioning efficiently, we would recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. We understand that it can be difficult to know what should be used to clean each section of your AGA, which is why we stock a range of products to help maintain the quality of various surfaces. With a hob cleaner, chrome cleaner, enamel cleaner and wire brush, your AGA cooker will be looking brand new in no time.

Shop AGA cleaning accessories.