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Topstak’s Chimney Accessories

Our Topstak chimney accessories are designed to complete your chimney set up and keep you and your home safe. With chimney components, hearths, pots, cowls and notice plates, we supply a vast selection of accessories in line with the set Building Regulations. So, whether you’re looking to prepare for an upcoming chimney installation or you’d like the safety of your current chimney reviewed, our team of Topstak experts are always available to advise you on any chimney accessories and repairs you may need.

Protecting Your Home with Topstak Chimney Accessories

At Topstak we work to protect your home from both the inside and outside, with our Topstak range of chimney and fireplace accessories. During the installation process of your stove or fireplace, in order to abide by the mandatory Building Regulations, a hearth will need to be installed. A hearth’s purpose is to protect the floor around and in front of the fireplace from heat damage and catching fire, and must extend either side of the stove or fireplace. Here at Topstak, we understand the value of balancing safety with style, which is why we offer a variety of materials and colours for you to choose from.

Once your home is protected from the inside, Topstak can advise how best to shield your chimney from the outside. With the addition of a Topstak chimney cowl, you can protect your home and improve the function of your chimney at the same time. Chimney cowls are fitted to the top of a chimney pot and help shield your chimney from nesting birds, squirrels, rain and strong winds. By installing one of our Topstak chimney cowls, your home and fireplace can be protected from the outside elements, as a cowl will work to prevent backflow and improve the function of your fire.

Take a look at our selection of hearths and cowls or contact us today to discuss which of our protective chimney accessories you will need for your home.

Maintaining Your Chimney’s Flue Parts

If any parts of the flue in your chimney have been damaged by hot smoke, tar or acid, you will need them replacing to ensure harmful fumes cannot escape into your property. At Topstak, we are passionate about keeping our customers safe, which is why we exclusively stock our Multiflex “Class 1” multifuel flue liners. Made from stainless steel with a robust double-skin construction, thanks to Topstak, your chimney can quickly be repaired.

Speak to our team of experts to find out more about our available chimney flue parts.

Regulatory Chimney Accessories

To ensure your chimney meets regulatory standards, Topstak offer a selection of metal chimney notice plates which are to be filled in and displayed in your home, once your new stove or chimney has been installed. It is the responsibility of the installer to check the accuracy of the information displayed and approve the notice plate in compliance with the set requirements. Our Topstak metal notice plates measure 110cm x 110cm and should display essential information about the materials and positioning of the relevant installation.

Find out more about our notice plates.