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Wall Hung Stoves at Topstak

To meet the style and functionality needs of every home, Topstak offers a range of wall mounted stoves that work to create that floating fireplace effect. Whether you want to more efficiently utilise your living space, or you simply prefer the appearance of a wall hung stove, Topstak stocks both traditional wall mounted fireplaces and modern inset stoves. With sleek designs and optimum heat output, all you need to do is select your preferred fuel type to find the right wall mounted stove for you

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Benefits of a Wall Mounted Stove

Wall mounted stoves are the perfect space effective solution for any size home. By utilising wall space, both cosy cottages and open plan apartments can experience the warmth of a wall hung stove. A floating fireplace also has the ability to be kept at a safe distance from small children and animals, without the use of a hearthgate, so you can light your fire with peace of mind.

With space efficiency, safety and style, Topstak believe wall mounted stoves offer the ideal fireplace experience.

Traditional Floating Fireplaces

Topstak stocks a range of traditional floating stoves which feature the classic black frame and window into the fire. Providing they are of solid construction, these wall mounted fireplaces tend to protrude into the room as they are fixed onto the wall, giving them a striking and eye-catching visual effect. With multiple manufacturers including Stovax, Gazco and Focus, Topstak has a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and fuel types available, so you can choose the perfect floating stove for your home.

Modern Inset Stoves

If you want an even more space efficient stove solution, Topstak offers a selection of stoves which can be installed into the wall, giving that ‘hole in the wall’ appearance. Each with a large landscape window into the fire, these stoves create a flush and seamless appearance, enhancing the modernity of your home. From the Gazco Studio 1 gas fire to the Charnwood Bay 5 VL woodburning stove, Topstak offers a range of inset stoves in differing fuel types and styles.

Subtle, sleek and space efficient, find out more about our inset stoves and fireplaces by contacting our team at Topstak.