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Efficient Stovax Stoves

Originally established in 1981 to manufacture traditional wood burning stoves, Stovax Stoves now works to produce gas, electric and multifuel stoves, in partnership with their sister company Gazco. Continuing to work together, Stovax and Gazco have grown to become one of Europe’s leading stove manufacturers. With a focus on developing their advanced technology to create stoves that meet the needs of both modern households and a delicate environment, Stovax continues to research, design and build more sustainable and efficient stoves.

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Stovax Multifuel stoves

Using advanced combustion technology, Stovax have created a selection of wood burning and multifuel stoves with impressive flame visuals and optimal heat output. Split into various design categories, Stovax’s multifuel stoves come in both contemporary and traditional designs. From the traditional and Gothic features of the Stovax Huntingdon 28 to the simple and clean lines of the Stovax Vogue Medium, Topstak stocks a huge range of Stovax multifuel stoves in varying designs and sizes.

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Stovax Electric stoves

In partnership with their sister company, Gazco, Stovax produce versatile electric stoves using their unique Chromalight® technology. This feature creates a three-dimensional fire effect which can be set to a natural amber tone, a striking blue hue or a combination of the two. Committed to applying the realism of a log burning fire to each of their electric appliances, Stovax Stoves continues to create electric stoves that are equally as immersive as their woodburning counterparts.

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Stovax and Gazco Gas stoves

With the traditional warmth of a wood burning stove and the innovative features of a gas fired appliance, Gazco’s gas stoves are efficient in both warmth and function. Able to be controlled either manually or with a remote control, these Gazco stoves are easy to use, applying instant heat to your home.

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