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Traditional Charnwood Stoves

Having been founded in 1972, Charnwood are proud to be considered the oldest stove manufacturer in the UK. As a family business, that is run by second and third generations of the family, Charnwood are committed to manufacturing most of their stove parts in house, overseeing the design and build of all Charnwood stoves. With a deep history of knowledge and a continued passion for developing high quality stoves, every Charnwood stove is guaranteed to have been crafted with care and precision.

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Charnwood Woodburning stoves

As their most popular form of stove, Charnwood’s wood burning stoves have been thoughtfully designed over the years, bringing together function, style and efficiency. With traditional features and large doors, Charnwood’s wood burning stoves provide a great view of the fire burning inside.

With the aim of making their wood burning stoves more considerate of the environment, Charnwood are working to advance their EcoDesign BLU range of stoves and make all of their wood burning stoves DEFRA approved.

Charnwood Multifuel stoves

Charnwood’s multifuel stoves have been designed to burn a range of fuel types, including firewood, coal and wood pellets. Whichever fuel type you prefer, Charnwood’s multifuel stoves can offer maximum heat output, effectively heating your home. Available in a range of sizes from the larger Charnwood Cove 3 to the more compact Charnwood Country 4, Charnwood have created a multifuel stove to suit every size home.

To find the Charnwood multifuel stove for you, use our stove selector.

Charnwood Boiler stoves

Having recognised the value and efficiency of boiler stoves, Charnwood have created their own innovative and technologically advanced range. Each Charnwood boiler stove comes complete with a thermostatically controlled integral boiler which allows you to power both the radiators in your home and your hot water supply, while continuing to emit heat like a regular multifuel stove. Thanks to their cutting-edge boiler technology, Charnwood boiler stoves combine traditional aesthetic designs with optimal functionality.

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