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Traditional Charnwood Stoves

Charnwood stoves have a formidable heritage, founded in 1972, Charnwood are proud to be considered the oldest stove manufacturer in the UK.

As a family business, that is run by second and third generations of the family, Charnwood are committed to manufacturing most of their stove parts in house, overseeing the design and build of all Charnwood stoves.

With a deep history of knowledge and a continued passion for developing high quality stove ranges, every Charnwood stove is guaranteed to have been crafted with care and precision.

Charnwood design and manufacture stoves using exceptional quality material that have many features and benefits.

Room Output
Fuel Type
Eco Design

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Charnwood Stoves (Wood Burning / Multi Fuel)

There is nothing quite like heating your home with a real Charnwood fire. Not only does the ritual of loading a stove give a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction, it provides a warmth that no other energy source can equal.

Charnwood Wood Burning Stoves & Multifuel Stoves

Charnwood’s wood burners and multifuel stoves have been designed to burn a range of fuel types, including log burning firewood, coal and wood pellets.

Whichever fuel type you prefer, Charnwood’s multifuel stoves can offer maximum heat output, effectively heating your home.

Available in a range of sizes from the larger Charnwood Cove 3 to the more compact Charnwood Country 4, Charnwood have created a multifuel stove to suit every size home.

To find the Charnwood multifuel stove for you, use our stove selector.

Charnwood Boiler stoves

Having recognised the value and efficiency of boiler stoves, Charnwood have created their own innovative and technologically advanced range.

Each Charnwood boiler stove comes complete with a thermostatically controlled integral boiler which allows you to power both the radiators in your home and your hot water supply, while continuing to emit heat like a regular multifuel stove.

Thanks to their cutting-edge boiler technology, Charnwood boiler stoves combine traditional aesthetic designs with optimal functionality.

Find out more about boiler stoves.

Charnowood Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Stove Energy Rating & Heat Output Comparison Table

Stove(EPC) Energy Efficiency RatingclearSkies markNominal heat output to room (kW)
Cranmore 5A+55
Cranmore 7A+57
Aire 3A+53.6
Aire 5A+55
Aire 7A+57
Skye 5A+58
Skye 7A+57.3
Arc 5A+55
Arc 7A+57
The BembridgeA+55
Bay BXA+55
Bay VLA+55
Cove 2 BluA48
Cove 3 BluA212
Island IA+55
Island IIA+58
Island III BluA211
C-Four BluA54.9
C-Four InsertA+55
C-Five BluA55
C-Six BluA+55.9
C-Seven BluA57.1
C-Eight BluA58
Country 4 BluA+55

Charnowood Stove Features Table

S = Standard feature
O = Optional feature

StoveWood burningMultifuelConverting grateDrop-in grateConvection panelsVertical rear flue adaptorHeat shieldExternal air kitRiddling grate & ash trayStay cool handleFlue boilerDouble doors
Cranmore 5SOOOSSO
Cranmore 7SOOOSSO
The BembridgeSOOOOOO
C-Four InsertSSOOS
Country 4 BluSOOSO

When choosing your stove it is important to pick the right size stove for your room by taking into account the rated output.

This is the kilowatt heat output achieved in the European standard tests (EN 13240 and EN13229).

It is based on an outside temperature of -1˚C and a room height of 2.4 metres.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an approximate guide only. Contact Topstak for further advice.

Charnwood stove room selection chart

Charnwood offer a wide range of Log Burners / Wood burning and Multi Fuel Stoves that are all clearSkies certified and feature our revolutionary eco design BLU technology.

This helps to significantly reduce particle emissions while ensuring high efficiencies, easy and controllable operation all with a superior flame picture. clearSkies is a UK-wide programme to help lower emissions and improve air quality.

A clearSkies certified stove demonstrates the appliance meets and exceeds Eco design standards. A clearSkies level 3 appliance meets Eco design standards and includes Defra exemption, a clearSkies level 4 is a 15% improvement on Eco design standards and is Defra Exempt and a clearSkies level 5 is a 15% improvement on level 4 and Defra exempt. clearSkies certified stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves available on the market today and benefit from:

  • Low Particle Emissions: 90% better than open fires
  • Between 80-84% better than older stoves
  • Low CO emissions
  • High efficiencies
  • Improved flame picture

All the log burners / wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves featured in this brochure incorporate the latest clean-burn and air-wash technology.

This means when burning your choice of fuel the volatile by products emitted by the initial burning are re-ignited and burnt again in the fire.

This double combustion drastically reduces emissions and ash deposits and delivers even more warmth to your room.

Altogether a cleaner home, a cleaner chimney and much cleaner for our environment.

In addition to this, the clean-burn airwash also keeps the glass doors beautifully clear, giving you an uninterrupted view of the fire.

Exceptional Warranty

When purchased through an official, authorised stockist like Topstak and registered using the code given by them the bodies of our stoves are covered by a 10 year guarantee.

Additionally Charnwood offer a 1 year no-quibble guarantee for all consumables.

This includes glass, fire brick and rope seals.

For stoves not registered using the code a standard 1 year guarantee is available, which does not include consumables.

Within the Charnwood stoves range there is a model to suit every home requirement.

For the ultimate in contemporary home heating we offer the Aire, the Skye, the Arc, the Cove and the Bay.

For a classic interior, we offer the Cranmore, the Island, the C-Series, the Bembridge and the Country 4.

We have a fantastic range of wood burners to see in store, come visit!


Eco Design

Governments across the world are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and with a Charnwood you too can play a part in this.

When you burn wood on a highly efficient stove you reduce the need for other forms of heating and in turn do your bit to save fossil fuels, CO2 emissions and the planet!

A Charnwood stove also gives you the freedom from dependence on the large energy utilities.

At a time when there is increasing concern over stability of supply throughout the world it is nice to know that a Charnwood gives that certainty of warmth during periods of interrupted supply.