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Stainless Steel Casseroles

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Swiss-made AGA stainless steel cookware has not only been designed to create perfect dishes every time but also retain it’s stylish appearance for years to come.
Offering superior 18/10 stainless steel, the AGA pans feature a completely encapsulated base which conducts heat evenly and quickly with an energy saving Superthermic wave profile base.
An absolute essential for any busy kitchen to offer superior performance on any cooker and any heat source (including induction).
The extensive range offer sizes of casseroles and saucepans from 1.5lts up to 6lts – and all feature a 25 year guarantee.
Dishwasher safe, these pans are a great investment and will last for years to come.
The encapsulated base enables movement down to the heat source, to create a completely flat surface, ensuring even heat when cooking. This occurs due to the aluminium core sandwiched between stainless steel.
The lid knob and casserole handles offer clear AGA branding, making the items stunning cookware to tableware.
The flat lids offer the ability to stack in the ovens, making the most out of the space. The raised rim on the lid ensures no scratching when stacking pans on top of each other.
The large casserole handles are very easy to grasp when wearing double oven gloves or gauntlets.
The brushed bodies offer a striking, modern look that contrasts so beautifully with the polished furniture.
Featuring internal marking in both pints and litres.
Dishwasher safe

25 year guarantee offers superb quality.
Made in Switzerland.

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Elegance in the kitchen and on the dining table. Copper provides excellent thermal conductivity, allowing you greater control over your cooking with a stainless steel interior for easy cleaning. Made from a blend of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. Riveted and ergonomic French-style long handle and side handles in cast stainless steel. Perfect heating circuit throughout the vessel, uniform and quick heat diffusion. Ideal for delicate cooking and sauces. Polished finish and induction base allows for use on all hob types. Hand wash only. Lid included.

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