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Big Green Egg Barbecues have been created to prove that barbecuing isn’t just for the summer. Able to be used in rain and snow, British weather is no match for the Big Green Egg, thanks to its unrivaled design, quality, and function. Ready to start cooking within 12 minutes of lighting, these specially designed ceramic BBQs provide intense depth of flavour in every meal. Used and trusted by some of the most renowned chefs in the world, the Big Green Egg Barbecues can provide restaurant-grade food within the comfort of your own garden.

See our range of Big Green Egg BBQs and accessories below.

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Comparison of Big Green Egg BBQ’s

XLarge Big Green Egg

Grid Diameter: 24 in / 61 cm
Cooking Area: 452 sq in / 2919 sq cm
Weight: 219 lbs / 99 kgs

This EGG can Cook:
2 20-pound turkeys, 24 burgers, 11 whole chickens, 12 steaks, or 12 racks of ribs vertically

Large Big Green Egg

Grid Diameter: 18.25 in / 46 cm
Cooking Area: 262 sq in / 1688 sq cm
Weight: 162 lbs / 73 kgs

This EGG can Cook:
20-pound turkeys, 12 burgers, 6 chickens vertically, 8 steaks, or 7 racks of ribs vertically

MiniMax Big Green Egg

Grid Diameter: 13 in / 33 cm
Cooking Area: 133 sq in / 856 sq cm
Height: 19.5 in / 50 cm
Weight: 76 lbs / 35 kgs

This EGG can Cook:
12-pound turkey, 4 burgers, 1 chicken vertically, 2 steaks, or 1 rack of ribs

How the Big Green Egg works

As the world’s largest producer of kamado ovens, the Big Green Egg has become known worldwide for its unique design, a ceramic BBQ with advanced technological features.

Each ceramic shell has been made from NASA grade ceramics, providing unparalleled heat retention whilst forming an impermeable barrier against the outside elements.

To monitor the heat inside your egg and ensure your food is cooking perfectly, each Big Green Egg comes with a Tel-Tru dome thermometer attached. Precise and responsive, having an accurate thermometer makes cooking in your Big Green Egg easy and enjoyable.

Available in four sizes, each Big Green Egg contains the same tried and tested features, to guarantee consistently high-quality results across all products.

To find out more about the Big Green Egg, contact Topstak.

What’s the difference between cooking direct and indirect on the Big Green Egg

Direct Cooking

When you cook at a high temperature in direct contact with the cooking surface, this is searing. Searing falls under the “direct heat” category.  This includes using BBQ accessories such as the plancha griddle, skillet or searing grid as these all offer direct heat with little or no deflection of heat within the dome of the BBQ.  This tends to work better for smaller food items that require flipping and fast cooking.

Indirect Cooking

If you’ve got a large cut of meat, a loaf of bread that requires consistent, even heat all around, or you wish to roast or smoke at a very low temperature you should be using indirect cooking.

By placing the ConvEGGtor into your firebox (or by using the EGGspander System), you block the direct heat and deflect it around the dome of your EGG cooking your food indirectly.

Big Green Egg Accessories

To maximise the functional ability of your Big Green Egg BBQ, we stock a selection of specially designed cooking accessories, including cast-iron searing grids, baking stones and grilling planks. With our Topstak accessories, you can even transform your ceramic BBQ into an outdoor pizza oven.

While you’re not using your Big Green Egg, it’s worth protecting it from UV rays with one of our Big Green Egg covers. Built for all sizes of ceramic BBQ, our covers are each made from a heavy duty, wear resistant material, with added ventilation to prevent moisture build up.

Make the most of and protect your Big Green Egg BBQ with our extensive range of accessories.

Big Green Egg Delivery

At Topstak, we work hard to make sure you receive your Big Green Egg Barbecue within 2-3 working days (unless stated otherwise).

Assembly Instructions for the Big Green Egg Barbecue

Big Green Egg Type PDF Assembly Instructions Video Assembly Instructions
MiniMax Big Green Egg MX PDF Assembly Instructions Partial Assembly Video
Full Assembly Video
Large Big Green Egg L PDF Assembly Instructions Partial Assembly Video
Full Assembly Video
X-Large Big Green Egg XL PDF Assembly Instructions Partial Assembly Video
Full Assembly Video