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Arctic Spa Hot Tubs and Outdoor Furniture

Allow Topstak to transform your garden into your very own spa. With high quality furniture, garden loungers and Arctic Spa hot tubs, Topstak are proud to be recognised as one of the leading suppliers of hot tubs in South Wales. Whether you want a hot tub to help you unwind after a long day at work, or a simple outdoor sofa set, Topstak can provide you with everything you need to create a relaxing outdoor space.

Arctic Spa Hot Tubs – Bringing the Spa to You

Why have just a hot tub when you can have an Arctic Spa hot tub? Having been built to withstand the severe climates of Northern Canada, Arctic Spa have become known for their revolutionary design and unparalleled at-home spa experience. Having pushed the technological limits of the spa industry for more than 30 years, Arctic Spa are able to offer multiple unique features in every hot tub, including the tried and tested Spa Boy®, which can help test and adjust the water to suit you.

Want even more? At Topstak, we also stock the Arctic Swim Spas, which allow you to de-stress, swim and row, all within the confines of your own garden. So, whether you want an evening of relaxation, or a burst of intense rowing, together Topstak and Arctic Spa can meet your at-home spa needs.

Check out Topstak’s range of Arctic Spa hot tubs here.

Maintaining That Luxury Spa Feeling

Once you have your hot tub installed, we know you’ll want to jump right in and relax, but at Topstak, we are committed to keeping our customers safe. That’s why we stock a wide range of filters and chemicals to help keep your spa free of harmful bacteria. From daily dose granules to hot tub test strips, we can advise you on what treatment will best suit your hot tub, as well as supply you with instructions for use.

For more information on cleaning and looking after your spa, check out our Topstak FAQs.

Where Comfort Meets Style – Topstak’s Outdoor Furniture

Want garden furniture that you won’t need to worry about in the rain? At Topstak, we recognise that garden furniture can’t always be protected from the weather, which is why our products are made to withstand the occasional shower, without compromising their appearance. Our team of expert craftsmen use a variety of materials including rattan, wood and metal to create a range of products and styles that are built to last. Whether you want a complete outdoor dining set, or a single steamer chair, Topstak has a wide variety of products and designs to choose from.

Explore Topstak’s outdoor furniture